We have had a lovely week in our learning. All the children participated in a science experiment on Monday about The Digestive System. Most of them were disgusted but enjoyed being able to observe what happens when food travels through our body. In English, we finished our Escape from Pompeii Unit by writing a narrative about being in Pompeii, when the Volcano erupted. They used all their previous learning to support them and did a fantastic job. In maths, we have been looking at number lines to 1,000 and 10,000 which the children have all engaged well with.
We also did some fantastic pieces using half-drop patterns based on our previous Motif work, which they all enjoyed doing. Also, we managed to start our music lessons this week. The children loved all the different Djembe Drums and were excited to start playing the drums.
For any parents interested in accessing CLASS DOJO to see what points the children have been awarded in the week I have sent an access code to the School 360 emails. It is up to you as to whether or not you want to access it. I understand that there are lots of websites with usernames and passwords for school, which is why I have invited you but there is no requirement to sign up. 
CLASS DOJO SENSE of the Week is awarded to Mabel again this week! Congratulations. For anyone, who does not know what it is. It is an award to the child who has earned the most DOJO points for the week. 
Wizards of the Week were Elizabeth, Thomas D and Summer-Rose. Congratulations to you all! 
Have a lovely weekend, 
Miss Scott