This week we have been focusing on finishing off our Pandora's Box narratives. We managed to finish editing them and typing them up on the computer. We have also continued to consolidate our learning for Addition and Subtraction. We find the subtraction more tricky especially when we have to focus on exchange. We have continued learning about shapes and angles this week as part of our Big Maths. We know which direction is clockwise and anti-clockwise and what 90-degree angles, acute and obtuse angles are. We finished off coding our Dance Parties this week and came up with some amazing designs using some of our favourite songs.
Miss Ridley's last day on placement was this Friday. We are happy to say she passed and is now a Qualified Teacher. We wish her the best of luck for the future and are thankful for all her hard work in Seal Class.

This week's Class Dojo Sense of The Week is Freddie.
Star Writer of the Week is Thomas W.