This week was our final week with Mr. Baxter.  We have had a great time with him and we wish him every success in his future teaching career.

During this week we have done some more work on time.  We have looked at how long activities take, used a stop watch to measure time, as well as comparing times using longer than and shorter than. 

In Big Maths, this week’s promotions go to; CHARLIE, FAYE, MARY and CAMERON.  Well done to you all.

We have also been looking at letters.  We first of all identified key features of letters, then thought about some persuasive language we could use when writing our letters.  Next week we are going to write a letter to persuade people to put more seats and bins around Embleton.  We will be using some of this persuasive language in the hope that they take notice.

In other subjects we have been learning about forgiveness and saying sorry (RE), typing our names on google slides and changing the font size and colour (computing), improving the accuracy of our throwing skills (PE), looking at some UK landmarks and sketching them (geography) and improvising the lyrics to a song we have been learning (music).

DON’T FORGET: that in school children must have a sun hat, a waterproof coat and wellies.  As we have seen this week the great British weather is ever changing so we need to be prepared for every season!

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Miss Murray