24 September 2021

Today for our Worship by the Waves we thought about our key value ‘Respect’.  We listened to the story about Jesus in the Temple and how the people didn’t show respect to God.  We thought about how we can show respect and sang ‘Allelu, Allelu, Alleluia. Praise ye the Lord’ again.  Mrs G was a long way along the beach and she could hear our amazing singing!

After worship we looked at our book of the week ‘Life Sized Animal Tracks’ by John Townsend.  We each had some animal prints to label and tried really hard with our writing.  After writing we went for a walk to see what tracks and footprints we might see in the sand.  We saw lots of people and dog footprints but only a few bird footprints.  We followed a set of dog footprints that went round and round and round!  There were lots of different dog footprints so we looked for the biggest and the smallest we could find and discussed the direction the dogs had gone in.

We also walked down to the edge of the water to watch the waves.  We made footprints then walked backwards and we watched the waves wash our footprints away.   We investigated the difference in our footprints when we walked and when we ran.  We noticed that when we ran our footprints were deeper.  All our wellies made different footprints too.  It was fun to take our wellies and socks of and make footprints with our feet.  We experimented with walking on the different types of sand to see which made the best footprints.

In our book of the week there are lots of different animal footprints.  We went up in to the dunes to play and game where we matched pictures of animal footprints to a picture of the animal that made the footprint.  We were very good! 

This week at lunchtime Mandy brought us some fish fingers from school we had chips from the golf club!  They were very tasty!

A sunny but blustery day today.  We started with Worship By the Waves, thinking about the value of Respect, before getting out our journals and pencils and doing some descriptive writing about the sea, the wind and the sky.  After that we talked about what we had been learning about the Great Fire of London in the classroom, and then borrowed the buckets from Starfish class to see if we could make a bucket chain.  We didn't make a fire to put out, but we tried to see if we could pour enough water into a hollow in the sand to keep a pool of water, rather than it be absorbed in.  We quickly realised that it was hard work and we had to work fast.  We thought about the difference between our small plastic buckets and the large wooden and leather buckets that would have been used in 1666, and were even more impressed at the work done to try and put the fires out.  We reflected on how the invention of the fire hose made this very much easier!  The strong wind today also helped us to think about how quickly it would have helped the fire to spread.  After snack time we moved to the footpath by the golf course to do some PE.  Carrying on with our ball skills theme, we were practising bouncing balls and catching them, and then bouncing them for a partner to catch. 
After a delicious fish-finger and chips lunch at the golf club (how happy were we to have golf club chips again?!) we walked through the dunes back to the beach.  It was an adventurous walk with marram grass as tall as us whipping around in the wind!  When we got to the beach we saw some of the men from the golf club digging in the sand.  At first we thought that they might be digging for treasure, but then we realised that they were digging a trench to release the water from the burn so that the flooding could go down.  We decided that as we had 23 good diggers, we could definitely help them!  We spent 45 minutes helping to dig away the trench, and although it wasn't finished when we left, we definitely did our bit.  When we were tired and sandy we retired to the lee of the dunes and did a quick bit of science learning about our next inventor - John Dunlop.  We noted that so far we hadn't learned about any female inventors, and had a small discussion about why that might be the case.  We then investigated some different properties of materials found on the beach to see if we could twist, squash, bend or break things, and if the changes were reversible or irreversible.  Then it was back through the dunes and the walk home, sandy and tired, but very happy!
At Beach School, we had Worship by The Waves to start with. Then we went off to do some PE with the Orcas. We focused on dribbling and passing skills. We are showing lots of improvement since we first started, we then played Piggy in The Middle to practice looking for spaces and intercepting passes. We finished off with a match. After having a snack, we had five minutes to work as a team to build Embleton based on our Heritage Trail, we did well. Then we did some place value representations on the beach, to see how many ways we could represent the number. Our maths learning for the week really showed as the children used base 10, partitioning and numerals. We then had a quick PSHE session discussing what we think we could improve upon to show respect. Then it was chips and fish fingers for lunch at the Golf Club and the children were all glad to be having lunch. We then went and read some of our Class Book, which led to discussions about the behaviours of the characters and how we think we should treat people. We finished off by creating performances of The Stone Age Boy.