24 May 2022


We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  Our worship theme is Compassion so today we made a heart with our feet in the sand.  We thought about how it was difficult to sometimes show compassion for others but heard how God always loves us.

It was a very wet beach school today.  We started by listening to a story about the life of Queen Elizabeth II.  We looked at a picture of Windsor Castle and tried to make our own sand Windsor Castle.  We then discussed that the Queen loves horses.  We pretended to ride a horse around and took part in our own Royal Ascot.  We used marram grass for our reins.  The Queen also loves to ride in the country side so we then took our horses up into the sand dunes to ride cross country!  We each took it in turns to decide which path to take – this was brilliant to help learn left and right!

On our journey we took time out to shelter by the pill box.  We saw lots of snails and watched two snails having a race up the wall.  We cheered them on and the smallest snail won!  We also looked for tiny insects in the marram grass; we were amazed when we found some!

Even though it rained for most of the morning we had great fun on our Starfish adventure.  We explored different footpaths in the sand dunes that we had never been on before. 

This week's Beach School was short, brief and a little bit wet. It was Ivan's first Beach School and it was probably the wettest we have had in a while. We first went to the Quarry where we went to make our Sedimentary Jars, we went to three different areas, to collect different things such as leaves, soil, stones, rocks etc. We then mixed them with water before heading back to the hall to leave them. We then had a walk along the long way to the Beach, counting the cars, vans, electric cars, lorries, people walking and cycling. We saw over 127 things on our way a close tie between walking and driving a car. We then went to the North Side of the Beach to dry off a little whilst we got some sunshine before heading to the Golf Club for lunch. We then headed back up to the school to complete a tally chart and draw a bar chart of our results. Before finishing our day off by comparing our sedimentary jars. Some of us even took them home! 

Beach school this week started with Worship by the waves. We drew hearts in the sand with our feet and talked about compassion.

We started the day with PE, the children worked in groups to practise their under arm throwing, running, relay and long jump skills. The children are getting better and better each week!

We then sat down to eat our snack. After snack time we walked along to the bird hide to seek some shelter. At the bird hide we saw some swans and ducks. Afterwards, we headed back to the Golf Club for some lunch. 

After we ate our lunch, we decided it was best to go back to school as we were ready for some proper shelter from the rain. We decided to walk back via the school. We noticed that the Orcas’ classroom is coming along nicely.

Despite the rain we still had a lovely morning spent at the beach.