24 March 19

24th March 2019
Thank you to all those who attended, helped run, or donated prizes to the Spring Fair this morning.  It was a great success.  Although we don't have a final total yet, it looks like we should have raised in excess of £350.  This will help to pay for school trips to Alnwick Castle (KS2), Bamburgh (KS1) and the Alnwick Police Station (EY) over the coming weeks.  We also intend to spend some of the money on banners that can be used to promote future events, in the hope of attracting passing trade.
We had a good week last week, with some amazing writing from children across all year groups.  I was also really impressed with the maths and reading work that has been going on, as we have been doing some end of term assessments.  Your teachers will let you know how your children have been getting on when you come to their parent consultation meetings on Monday.
This week the Reception children and the Year 6 children will be having their heights and weights measured by the school nurse team.  You will receive letters from the NHS in due course giving you information about their data.
On Tuesday Year 1 and 2 children will be going on a trip to the Grace Darling museum, as part of their topic work.  They will be going on public transport, and will take a school packed lunch.  They will be going in school uniform.
This week we are back at swimming on Thursday for Years 1 to 5.  Please bring swimming costumes and towels in.
We have a bags2school collection on Thursday - we have some of the bags available at the office, but a bin bag, or other plastic bag, will suffice.   Please bring bags on Thursday morning (but not before as we don't have storage.)  Let's see if we can beat the amount we got last time we did it!