24 January 2020

Another lovely mild day at the beach today.  We started off with investigating and making shapes using elastic - an opportunity for great discussions and cooperation.  After collecting our weather data we split into 2 teams for orienteering - one of our favourite activities at the moment!  Our route finished at the beach trolley and some delicious hot squash.  
After snack we used our journals to write a letter to Mr Chicken about what he should come and do at our beach, building on work that has been being done in English in class.
In the afternoon we started off with some Thrive Time, feeling our connection with the Earth, listening to our breathing, the sea and the wind.  Next it was time for some science.  During the week we were introduced to MRS GREN, so we worked in pairs acting out each element of it and trying to guess which one it was.  Everyone enjoyed acting out 'excretion'!  We finished the day thinking about Aboriginal Art symbols and created some of them in the sand on a large scale.  All in all, a busy and successful day at the beach!

After family worship in school we walked down to the beach.  Instead of a story book today we had an information book all about boats.  There were some boats that we knew all about and some that we didn’t.  When we had finished the book we began to make our own page for the book.  We found out all about coble fishing boats.  Sometimes we can see them out at sea when we are at beach school.  We looked at pictures of cobles and then designed our own.  We wrote some facts that we had learnt. 

“Cobles have flat bottoms”

 “They can be launched out to sea from the beach”

“Cobles are fishing boats.”

“Sometimes you can tell where they are from by their colours.  The ones from Seahouses are blue and white.”

“Some of them have a tent on top.”

After our fabulous writing we did some PE.  We played one of our favourite games – the bean game.   We then practised our dribbling skills using small balls.  We concentrated really hard and tried to remember to keep our eye on the ball all the time and use the inside of our foot to control the ball.  Next we all had ribbons and held them up in the wind.  We watched them flutter and thought about how sailing boats use the wind to move through the water.

Each member of Starfish class then made a boat.  Mrs Cotton had a lot of different things for us to use.  We used different types of materials and containers.  We took it in turns to see if our boats would float.    One of Starfish, inspired by our learning about cobles earlier even made a coble from some tin foil.  The boats that floated best were the ones made from corks and foil trays.

After our delicious lunch of sausages and chips at the golf club we went back onto the beach.   We spent quite some time watching a cormorant standing and flapping its wings.  We wondered why it was there.  Some of us thought it might be injured, some of us thought it was waiting for a friend and some of us thought it might be lost.  After a while it flew off over the dunes.  

As part of our topic about dragons we have read lots of books that have castles with moats in them.  We decided that we would build our own castles with moats in the sand.  We spent a fantastic afternoon digging moats and channels and watching them fill with water.  Sometimes the sides of the castle fell into the moats so we had to do some problem solving to work out how to stop it happening.  We worked with a partner or as part of a small group so needed to make sure we talked to our friends to plan and decide what we would do.  Some of us floated the boats we had made in our moats.

We love beach school and can’t wait to go back next week!