23 November 2022


Our story on the beach this week was ‘Snap’ by Margaret Mayo and Alex Aycliffe.  The book tells us all about how the different sea creatures move.  It was very wet today so we listened to the story in the sand dunes.  After that we went for a walk along the beach and made a big shark in the sand.  We found some driftwood to use for the teeth.  On our walk we saw a buoy and lobster pot and Mrs Cotton and Miss Rutter told us how the fishermen use them.

For our maths today we made a shop using the things we found on the beach.  We then had some big coins that we used to pay for the items.  We have been making different amount in school this week so it was fun to have a beach shop.

In the book we hear how the animals move so we tried to move like the animals we snapped like sharks, danced like dolphins, waddled like walruses, did some gliding like whales, flipped and flapped like penguins, lolloped like polar bears, waggled like an octopus, flew like stingrays and dug like turtles.

As it was very wet today we went back to the golf course early to do our writing which was to name the different animals in the book.  We also sorted the animals into two groups, those that live in the water all the time and those that can be on the land as well.


This week’s Beach School started off with Worship by the Waves, it was rather wet today so we took shelter in the dunes for worship.  We listened to a story about Zacchaeus.  We then thought about the way we think about ourselves can influence the way we feel.  We made happy faces in the dunes and thought of times when we have been happy and then made sad faces and thought about things that made us sad. After worship we set off in to seek some shelter.  As we are small we were all able to take cover in the bird hide.  It was rather dark in there but this helped us to orally compose some brilliant weather reports.  Miss Murray wrote them down for us as we were rather soggy.  We had our snack after this and then we listened to the story of another explorer, Christopher Columbus.  We learnt about his ship, The Santa Maria, and how he used the stars for navigation.  We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of this method and compared it to modern day navigation systems.  We talked about how you can get lost using both methods!  We talked about where Columbus was trying to get to and why.  We discussed imports and exports and what these mean for a country.  It was finally time to brave the rain again; but this time we knew that lunch was waiting for us at the other end so this kept us going.  Well done on being courageous explorers in the rain.  After we had lunch we came back up to school to dry off and complete our writing and science. 

It was a very wet start to our Beach School this week. We ended up venturing into the dunes to find shelter for Worship by the Waves before splitting off to start our tasks. We found some shelter in the dunes where we had our snack and then we practiced some of the songs that Mrs. Barbour had been teaching us in music (Big Band, I have the Power in me and my name is Joe). We then moved down to the beach to get ourselves warmed up by doing some PE. It was a little bit too cold and wet to do Cross-Country, so we ended up doing some warm-ups on the spot and quick 100m sprints. We then headed back up to the dunes to create our raps based on Narnia. Where the White Witch and Maugrim, The Captain of the Secret Police welcomed all the children into the Castle for a Rap Battle. Fortunately, the children did a fantastic job and avoided being turned to stone! We then headed back up to the Golf Club for lunch and then back to school for the afternoon to dry off.