23 November 2018

This week at beach school, continuing our transport theme, we spoke about trains, train carriages and train tracks.  We each labelled the carriages on our trains and then dug train tracks in the sand.  We decided to join all our tracks together to make a rail network.  We added bridges, tunnels and buildings and then counted all our stations.   After that we drove our trains -there were no delays on our trains!  After PE and snack we heard the story ‘Dig, Dig, Dig’ about the building of an adventure playground.  After we heard the story we pretended to be diggers, dumper trucks and cranes and built a playground in the sand.  In the afternoon, after our lunch at the golf club, we joined Puffin Class to learn about the explorer Christopher Columbus.  We then went exploring up in the dunes and collected special things such as feathers, beautiful shells and pretty stones.   What a great day at beach school!
This week at beach school we continued learning about and plotting line graphs, we used the tide timetable for finding out the information for when the high tides were going to be in December, we plotted not only the height of the tide but also the time when it would be high tide. 
Another successful cross country run and as a team we managed to beat our total time and the average mile time, we added this information onto our line graphs which we have in class. 
From all of the rough and stormy weather we went for an explore around the shore line and in the dunes to see what treasure we could find! We collected some amazing pieces and will be using these to make some Christmas art we also managed to collect the washed up rubbish that had been washed up during the stormy weather. During our such for Christmas treasure we also found a lobster pot which we carried back from the dunes to help keep our beach tidy! 
In the afternoon we took on the task to build our own Hadrian's Wall, with fantastic team work we managed to make a wall including, a mile castle, barracks, turrets and forts. After that, it was off to the wall to challenge ourselves. A special mention to Amber who completed the wall on her first try!