23 April 2021


What a fabulous sunny day we had for beach school!  Today we did our RE at the beach.  The theme for this half term is ‘Special Stories’.  This week we heard the story of Noah’s Ark.  This story is important to Christians because the rainbow at the end shows them of God’s promise.

First we listened to the story and then wrote a list of animals that went into the ark.  We were able to use the sounds that we have learnt in Read, Write, Inc. to write our lists.  We had dogs, cats, zebra’s, birds, cows, sheep and lots more!

After doing some fantastic writing we used the wheelbarrows and spades to build our own Noah’s Arks.   We had a great time digging and moving the sand in the wheelbarrows.  After having a go at building our own arks we all worked together to build one big one.  We collected seaweed and helped to use the scarves to make a rainbow.  Some of the children remembered that we had seen a rainbow once when were at beach school but said today we have made our own!  We then put some animals in the ark making sure that we had two of each animal.

For PE today we moved like some of the different animals that went into the ark.  We were able to crawl like a crab, fly like a bird, hop like a kangaroo, leap like a frog, slither like a snake, stomp like an elephant, waddle like a penguin and snap like a crocodile. 

 In maths we began to count in twos using the animals that went into the ark.  We put the animals in pairs and then counted them in twos.  We will keep practising this!  We also discussed that ark was very, very big.  We then tried to measure it out on the sand using the trundle wheel.  It was huge and we had to walk a long way!

We had such a great time at beach school today and hope that we have lots more sunny beach schools this term!


During Beach School this week, we took part in Cross-Country and we managed to run a mile. The children showed improvement from the week before and they all took part which was great. Let's hope we continue the good progress. We then went along onto the Beach, had our well-deserved snack and then we spent some time sketching Dunstanburgh Castle. We had done this before and the improvement in our drawing and sketching skills from the last time came through. We were able to get some 3D drawings. We then did some drama performances based on our class novel, which the children all enjoyed as they were able to showcase their character through their actions. It was a lovely Beach School Day and we cannot wait to go back next week.
We started off another glorious sunny beach school session by lying on the sand, feeling the energy from the sun on our bodies, the way gravity kept our bodies on the sand, and listened to the waves on the sand.  We focussed on our breathing and spent some time just 'being'. Once we were relaxed and ready for our learning we got our journals out, and wrote about all the things that we could see around us - from the silver sparkling sea, to the sailing boat bobbing gently and the beach huts standing proud on the dunes.  Some of us then shared our work with the rest of the class.  Next we had a science lesson - we started by naming as many different animals as we could think off and talked about their habitats, and why they might not be able to live in another habitat.  Then we turned our attention to the dune habitat.  We talked about what animals and plants we might find and then went searching.  We didn't find too many things, but we did find some evidence of different animals, and did see some insects!  After our snack, we split into two groups for our orienteering session.  We are getting better at making sure the map is the right way round, so that we go in the correct direction!!  After orienteering it was a quick march up the hill, so that we weren't late for lunch.   After our delicious pizza, chips and cornflake cakes, we did some geography.  In the classroom we learnt about some different Ordnance Survey map symbols (and did really well at guessing what they might be, and why it would be useful to know where certain things were), we went out into the village and followed the directions on the map to the churchyard (where we got slightly sidetracked by looking at the dates on gravestones and working out which were the oldest ones, and why some were more weathered than others), and back past the playpark.  Most of us could point to where we were on the map whenever we stopped!