What a fantastic week we have had. In science, we carried out our own fair test about our taste buds. We got to try a range of different food blindfolded and had to guess what it was, what texture it had and whether it tasted sweet or sour.
In history, we conducted our research about Boudica and the impact she had on The Romans. We considered different sources and looked at whether they would be primary sources or secondary resources. We then created a PowerPoint to share the information we had learnt about Boudica.
In maths this week, we have been consolidating our subtraction methods using a combination of base 10, counters and column method. We looked at three digits and two digits and three digits subtract three digits. The year 4s focused on subtracting four digits by four digits.
In English, we have finished our The Tales of Africa Book. We looked at a range of stories based on African Culture and their oral storytelling traditions. We have predominantly covered Norwandle, Girl of The Sea and The Hunter. Where the children developed their story writing skills and poetry. They have created some wonderful pieces of work.
In music, we continued our Djembe Drum music lessons. I shared a video on Class DOJO to let you all see how well the children are doing with it. They have learnt 3 our of 4 tunes and are getting better at Do not play this rhythm.

Class Dojo Sense of the Week is Thomas D. Congratulations!
You have all worked very hard this half-term and we have had a lovely start to the new school year. 
Have a lovely half-term and I look forward to seeing you all back on Monday,
Miss Scott