We have made it to the end of the first half term!

I want to say how impressed I am with all of the children in Puffin class for being stars during this crazy time!  They have adapted to the changes well and shown great resilience.

They all deserve a week off – as do I! Ha ha.

This week we have been writing letters from Burglar Bill to say sorry for stealing all of the things.  We also put Burglar Bill to trial – the children had to decide whether he was guilty or not guilty and present each sides arguments.  Judge Hunter and Judge Charlie listened carefully to both side’s arguments and found Burglar Bill NOT GUILTY and believe him when he says he has seen the error of his ways and is a changed man! 

We carried on with our addition and subtraction unit in maths, some of us looking at related number facts to help us answer more questions.  Others looked at using a number line to help us add two numbers together.

Big Maths has had another successful week where 3 people got 10/10 in their CLIC tests with ELLA being promoted to the next level.  Well done!  We also had 3 promotions in the Learn Its challenge; they were from MARY, FLO and ELLA.  Big well done to those children too.  That means a double promotion from ELLA – Fantastic!

We finished off our RE topic by looking at ways we could care for our world.  Some ideas included; not putting oil into the sea, putting rubbish in the bins, doing a litter pick, building bug hotels and not chopping trees down so that the animals have somewhere to live.  What a caring class Puffin’s are.

We also did another yoga session this week as well as some music.  In music we tried to play some games to get us moving in time to the beat.  We found it difficult to keep count and move at the same time.  We will keep practising this skill next half term.

I hope you all have a lovely half term (under the circumstances), stay safe and follow the rules so we can see each other again next half term!

Take Care

Miss Murray