22 October 2021


Our story at the beach today was ‘Tip Tap Went the Crab’ by Tim Hopgood.  It is about a curious little crab who tip-taps out of her rock pool to explore the big blue sea, she discovers a world full of wonderful creatures. But after she's counted everything from one noisy seagull and two sleepy sea lions to nine silent sharks at the bottom of the sea, the little crab soon realizes that her very own rock pool is the most amazing place of all. And so she tip-taps happily home, closely followed by her ten baby crabs.

Today we spoke about the different animals and described how they moved.  The Reception children then read some words on crabs and then wrote them in the sand.  The Nursery children practised writing their names and did some squiggle patterns in the sand.

After our writing we went up to the sand dunes to do some sketching.  There were lots of seagulls on the beach today so some of us sketched the seagulls and us sketched Dunstanburgh castle on the rocks.

For PE we played a crab game.  Someone was in the middle being a crab and they needed to catch the others and turn them into seaweed.  It was tricky to remember to just move sideways! After the game we practised our throwing and catching skills using beanbags and hoops.

We had our snack and then went for a walk to look for seagull footprints.  We tried to look for seagull footprints a few weeks ago but there weren’t any.  We knew there would be today because we saw all the seagulls on the sand.  We found lots.

We some counting to ten for our maths today and then put numbers in order.  We used the pictures  from the story.  The final thing we did on the beach today was to make some story boards of pictures from our book.   We used seaweed, stones, shells and feathers.