22 November 2019


A cold wet day for Beach School today, we were all appropriately dressed so no one was upset about being cold! As we went to emerge from the dunes onto the beach we were greeted with an amazing sight- most of the beach had been washed away by the tide! Of course this was a fantastic learning opportunity as Orca class had just began investigating and furthering their knowledge on erosion what a fantastic learning stimulus this provided us with!

We marched through the dunes to our Thrive area and listened to poems about the sea and the beach, going through the different types of poetry techniques including – alliteration, personification and rhyme. Having another real life stimulus and hearing the waves crashing really inspired the children to produce some excellent poetry entries.

A brisk and blowy walk to the wall the children produced their own grave stone discussing what type of stone they would use, what structure they would use that would be least affected by erosion.

A warm up in the golf club and a brisk walk back up to school; the children used the laptops and peer review feedback to type up their poems. Fingers crossed that it’s not as wet next week!


It was a bit of a wet day for beach school today but we were all wrapped up so we kept warm and dry.

What a surprise we had when we went through the dunes.  The beach had disappeared!  There was only a small part of sand and then water!  We thought of lots of reasons why it had happened

“It’s washed away.”

“It’s flooded from the sea.”

“The rain has hit it and made a cliff.”

“The wind washed the waves everywhere.”

“The sea was high and washed the sand away.”

“There was a current that washed it away.”


As we couldn’t get onto the beach and it was very windy we stayed in the dunes.  We thought about the story of The Snail and the Whale (as it was raining we couldn’t read the story because the book would have got soggy!) and remembered that we had previously seen some snails  in the sand dunes.  We decided to go on a snail hunt.   We didn’t find any but we did see some empty snail shells.  We had one snail-a big toy one! We played a game of hide the snail and gave each other ‘getting hotter and colder’ clues until we found it.  Some children found some special snail hunting sticks!


We then decided to walk a bit further down to see what the beach was like there.  Although there was more sand it was a bit blowy and wet so we stood and watched the waves crashing on the beach for a few moments.  We decided that the sea looked angry.  One of Starfish thought the sea was angry because of all the rubbish people throw in it.

We played some running about games in the dunes and then tried to get ourselves into a spiral like a snail shell.  It was a bit tricky!

After that we walked up to the golf club to listen to the story The Snail and the Whale and then did some writing.  Some of us thought about how the snail felt when she left home and some of us wrote the words that the snail wrote and thought about what we would say.

We went back to school after lunch and are hoping for better weather next week.

We wrapped up warm to go down to the beach in the damp and dank conditions.  After taking some time to observe the wild conditions and the erosion that had occurred due to the river changing course and the high tides, we retreated into the dunes to find a more sheltered spot to do our weather data collection (very soggy paper today!) and some maths - telling the time to 5 minutes.
After maths we decided to take a walk up to the beach huts to find some shelter to do some writing.  We set off at a brisk pace, to get our heart rates going.  When we got to the top of the hill we examined the effect that our exercise was having on our bodies, and caught our breath whilst looking at the way the weather was affecting the sea and visibility.  We looked out to sea and thought about what words we might use to describe the conditions.
We found a sheltered spot by the side of one of the beach huts, working out which side we needed to be on to be out of the wind, for our snack, before deciding to go to the bird hide to do some writing.  Unfortunately the path was flooded, so we couldn't get through.  We decided to abandon our idea, and retreat back to the golf club to do our writing there.
After lunch we came back up to school to dry off a bit!