22 March 2023

We started beach school with Worship by the Waves where we thought about ups and downs.  We heard the story of Zacchaeus and then made rollercoasters while was thought about ups and downs in our life.
Our theme at the beach today was farm vehicles.  We read a story about a combine harvester and then wrote the end of the story.  After that we farms in the sand, using a rake to make the furrows in fields.  We also made fields for cows and sheep.
We collected stones and sorted them and then in maths we used the tens frames.
For our PE we played a dodging, chasing game.  Some of us were farmers and the rest of us were sheep.  The farmers chased and caught the sheep and put them in a pen (hoop) and the other sheep could release them.  It was good fun!

A blustery day down at the beach, we began with worship by the waves discussing the story of Zacchaeus, well done to Grace- who’s part of the Church School Council who opened and closed worship for us today.

We found a sheltered spot and began our first lesson of the day, science. Today we were examining air resistance. We investigated Galileo Galilei and how he was able to explore gravity and air resistance. We then had our design brief to make a parachute for an egg. The children had access to a range of resources and were able to work alongside a partner to produce a parachute. We then began our experiment testing them at different heights. With the wind being strong today the parachutes did need to be well made some of our parachutes didn’t survive flight but all of the eggs did!

We then moved to history and exploring one of the new wonders of the world Chichen Itza, the children practiced their note taking skills and discovered the relevance of the steps and the four sides and how this correlated with the modern calendar. The class then made their own version of Chichen Itza.


This week at Beach School, we started with worship by the waves. We then followed on by building a river as a class. Splitting off into 3 groups we went in different directions to build different parts of the river, so that we could eventually get to the middle. It took us a good half an hour to make our river but we got there in the end. We then started thinking about the different molecules and atoms that would form the water and then acted out different stages of a current and how it may be affected by the weather. It allowed us to link our science learning all about states of matter and forces to our geography learning. We then spent some time breaking off into groups to act out the different parts of The Water Cycle. This allowed us to show our understanding of what evaporation, condensation and precipitation is. We then did some relay races based on thinking about different synonyms for words as this is what we had been focusing on in our English Lessons. We thought of some wow words for good, bad and old. By that time it was time to head back up for lunch before returning to school for our I'm a Scientist Chat. We were able to speak to 4 different scientists that specialise in Chemistry. We got to ask them some very interesting questions such as 'Do you enjoy being a scientist?', 'What is a molecule?' and 'Do they use different types of DNA?'. Before finishing off the day with our PE Lesson which was supposed to be hockey but it was too windy, so instead, we did some football. Ready for the Y3/4 Girls Football Tournament. 


What a windy day down at the beach this week, however we did not let that stop us from enjoying ourselves.  We began with our Worship by the Waves where we heard about the story of Zacchaeus.  We thought about the ups and downs he was feeling when Jesus visited his town.  We talked about times when we have been feeling up / happy and times when we have felt down / sad.

After worship we headed off to find a sheltered spot in the dunes in order for us to do our writing.  We are developing our creative sentences well and we are really thinking about our word choices.  We had candy floss floating in the sky and wild waves thundering onto the sand.  In order to warm us up a little bit, we went down onto the sand to do some circuits.  We added a new activity into our circuits this week; knee push ups.  Miss Murray showed us how to do a simple push up safely and we discussed the muscles we would be working when completing them.  It was much harder than we thought!  Before we headed up for our lunch we did some history and drama.  We made a boat in the sand and acted out the story of Grace Darling’s rescue.  This was so much fun; however digging the boat out was hard work!  We were definitely ready for lunch after that!