22 March 2019


Today at beach school we started off with some maths.  We did some number recognition with beanbags and then counted our steps to match the number.  We then threw the bean bags and measured who got the closest to the line.

As we have been learning about animals we went to the bird hide to see what birds we could see.  On our walk there we learnt that the yellow prickly bushes are called gorse.  On our walks to and from beach school we have been learning the names of some flowers and plants.  So far we can recognise crocuses, dandelions, daisies, marigolds and daffodils (we even know that the miniature ones are called tete a tete!).   This week, Mrs Popay has taken some photos of some plants to see if we can identify some more.  At the bird hide we were very quiet as we looked out.  We saw some ducks, seagulls, coots and some geese.  We also saw two horses and lots of little flies!

Earlier this week we read the book ‘Socks’ and one page had some sock sea creatures.  We decided to make our own sea sock creatures and filled odd socks with sand!  We wrote labels for our creations.


Today we began our beach session with maths where they were able to pair off and challenge one and other. After maths we moved onto PE and began to understand the rules of rugby.
As our topic in science is electricity and circuits the children were able to explain the basic components needed to make an electrical circuit, they then worked together as a team to make a circuit and then show and explain what they had made.
Although a little breezy today, it was lovely and mild on the beach.  As we walked down, we looked at the burnt out remains of the golf course's storage shed.  It looked in a very sorry state.  We carefully negotiated our way round it, having some interesting discussions about fire, and firefighters.
As we are moving on to weighing in maths, we carried out some investigations using sand and a variety of containers.  Some of us also used scales.  
In PE we carried on with some circuit training, building up our stamina with a variety of exercises.
After snack we wrote our weather reports.  We then spent time reading them out to each other, practising our speaking and listening skills.
After lunch we revisited the story of Grace Darling, before using what we have learnt to write the story in our journals.  I was really impressed with the amount of detail that everyone remembered.  It should set everyone up very well for the Puffin's trip to the Grace Darling museum next week.
As we had a bit of time we went down onto the beach, where we used ribbons to explore the windy conditions, and used them to interpret parts of the Grace Darling story - we had a great red and white lighthouse with an orange and yellow light at the top!