21st January 2022

This week we have again been looking at money in Maths and non chronological reports in English.  In English we thought of a subject we wanted to write our report about and thought about some subheadings we could use.  We then wrote some notes underneath our subheadings to remind us what we wanted to write about in that paragraph.  On Wednesday we turned our notes into full sentences to become paragraphs. 

In PSHE on Monday we looked at how we can stay safe whilst in a car.  We talked about the importance of wearing a seatbelt and not distracting the driver.  We also discussed the use of mobile phones in the car.

On Tuesday, in computing, we made a human pictogram and answered some questions about it.  We then collected some data and turned this into a pictogram using the J2E Data:pictograms program. 

This week in RE we looked at some objects that are important to Muslims.  First we examined the different objects and discussed what we thought they were and what they were used for.  We discovered that a Muslim's holy book is called the 'Qu'ran'.  We found out that people who follow Islam cover their heads as a sign of respect to Allah.  We were really interested in the patterns on the prayer mats and that there are ninety nine beads on the prayer beads, each one represents one of the ninety nine names of Allah.

On Thursday we took part in our whole school art afternoon.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t get together with the other bubbles in school, but we all drew a self-portrait.  We thought carefully about the size, shape and position of our facial features, as well as thinking about the correct colours for things.  I am glad to report we don’t have any Hulk’s in the making!!