21 September 2022


This week’s Beach School started off with Worship by the Waves.  We then went off and did some descriptive writing about the weather.  First of all we thought about all the adjectives we could think of to describe the weather and Miss Murray wrote these on a whiteboard.  We then used these words to write some descriptive sentences.  After sitting doing some writing, we got active by doing our PE.  We were learning to bounce and catch the ball.  We had a partner and we passed the ball to each other in a variety of different ways, including bouncing it in a hoop first before catching it.  We kept a tally for every time we caught the ball.  After our PE we went up to the golf club for lunch before heading back down to the beach to do some maths.  The Year 1s were looking at counting on one more and the Year 2s were making 2-digit numbers and talking about what each digit represented.  We finished off the day with some science.  We were thinking about our senses and what part of our body we use for each one.  We thought about describing words for touch and taste and discussed what we could see.  We picked some objects from the beach and used the adjectives to describe what it felt like.  Before heading back up to school we had a quick play in the sand dunes too.



Our story this week was ‘Super Snail’ by Elys Dolan.  After listening to the story we practised writing some of the letters that we could hear in the words ‘Super Snail’.  We then drew our own Super Snail.

In the story Super Snail has a secret underground hideout.  We used the spades to dig some tunnels to make our own superhero hideout.  We tried to include some of the things that Super Snail had in his hideout such a hot tub, ice cream maker, bouncing bike, rocket boomerang and laser show parachute.

Previously we have seen snails in the dunes so we thought it would be a good idea to go on a Starfish adventure in the dunes to see if we could find any today.  We found a few but there weren’t very many. 

After our walk in the dunes we then followed some step by step instructions to draw a Super Snail exactly like the one in the story.  Some of them were brilliant! Some of us decided to draw huge Super Snails.  We practised drawing spirals in the sand and then we even saw one in the sky!

We thought some more about spirals and how snails have spirals on their shells.  We used some cotton reels and wrapped marram grass around them to look like snail shells.

In the story Super Snail can only fly when he gets thrown up in the air when his butler stands on the end of a plank that he is sitting on.  We all had a go at making our super snail fly by using a plank of wood and the tree.  It was great fun!

The final thing we did before we went back to school was to draw a huge spiral in the sand and travel in different ways to the middle!

This week at Beach School, we started with Worship by The Waves and then we split off to do the rest of our lessons. We practiced some of the vocal exercises given by Mrs. Barber (our music teacher) before moving on to showing our understanding of what a Roman Legion was by creating a representation in the sand. We have many different variants from each group, with some focusing on the locality by using Hadrian's Wall to others who created forts to ensure they were better protected. We then went off to do our PE for the day. The Orcas were away in London, so we completed our Cross-Country a little bit differently this week. We started by recapping why we do different exercises before having a go at following the leader, the children all led using different activities before running 300M. The children have all shown an improvement from last week and their confidence and encouragement of each other were fantastic. We then had a well-deserved break and enjoyed our snack before heading up for an early lunch. In the afternoon, we headed back up to the school to be introduced to our new music lessons created by the English National Opera. We learnt that our job is to be composers and we have been tasked with creating and finishing a piece of music. We then discussed what composing meant before practicing some sequential rhythms and different sequences.