21 September 18

After Beach Maths, we did PE - using a bat and ball to play a cricket-based game.  After snack we moved into the dunes, to keep out of the wind, and took notes whilst Bridie taught us about different types of seed dispersal.  We then went on a walk through the dunes to see how many different types we could find.  
After lunch it was time for some history - learning more about what our local area was like in the past.  Today we focussed on what the area was like during the Second World War.  We learnt about Dunstanburgh Castle being used for Observers, and how our beach was used as a firing range.  We then went exploring to see what evidence there was of any remains, and found 2 pill boxes.  We listened to a letter from an Observer, and then sat overlooking the bay writing our own diary entries in our journals.  We then walked back across the top, and in to the village through the north end - a total of almost 5 miles walking today!
This week, after collecting a specific number of objects each, we looked at number formation and recognition - making our own numbers, and exploring giant numbers.  Then we ran all the way down to the waves, and found some jellyfish that had been washed up.  We recalled our RE lesson where we were exploring jelly and jellyfish, and remembered that jellyfish were living creatures - we hoped that when the sea came back in they would float off again.  Next we came back up the beach and joined in with some action songs, thinking about body parts and trying to find rhymes to go with them.  After snack time we investigated some feely-bags, trying hard to describe what we could feel without saying what the object was - we used words like prickly, soft, spiky, smooth, cold and bumpy.
After lunch we investigated how some other things on the beach felt - there were lots of different textures.  Then we spent some time watching the waves crash onto the beach, and the gannets diving into the sea for fish, before walking back up the hill to school.
Beach Maths today continued our work on place value.  We had to organise ourselves into numbers, and thought about which number was the biggest and smallest - so which sign of <, > or = we would need.  Year 1s enjoyed Mrs Threlfall being the 'greater than' crocodile that chased the children who were part of the biggest number!  In PE we learnt how to play French Cricket, and practised throwing accurately and trying to hit the ball with a bat.  After snack we completed our weather reports, and then learnt about classifying mammals.  We thought about a range of different animals and used our classification system to decide whether they were mammals or not, before acting as a range of mammals to see if others could guess what we were.  
After lunch we were nature detectives, walking through the dunes to see what evidence of animals we could find.  We used tracking sheets to identify different prints - we found one that was either a bear or a dog!!  We thought about where small mammals might like to live, then made our own homes for animals.