21 May 21

A mizzly, drizzly, in the middle of a cloud-kind of day today.  We started off by orienteering ourselves around the quarry.  We had to think carefully about which path we needed to take!  Next we learnt a bit about the quarry habitat and worked together as teams to use the resources in our habitat to make a bird's nest.  We discovered that there were lots of things that could be used and it was an ideal habitat for nesting birds!  We finished off our morning by thinking about our setting and using sentences to describe what we could see and hear.  

 It was a wet beach school today but we still continued our ‘Special Stories’ RE theme.   This week we heard a special story from Sikhism.   It was the story of ‘The Milk and the Jasmine Flower.  This story has an important message for Sikhs .   Guru Nanak told people there will always be room in the world for more goodness.

In the story Guru Nanak put a flower on a full bowl of milk to show that even though the bowl was full of milk there was still room for the flower to float on top.  This showed the people that no matter what, there will always be room for more goodness.

As it was raining we went for a walk in the dunes to look for flowers.  There weren’t any jasmine flowers but we did see some cow slips, bluebells and sea rocket.    We decided to sit in the sand dunes and look out towards Dunstanburgh Castle, we could just about manage to see it in the distance.  We also listened to the sea as it was very loud today.  We thought it sounded angry.

As the rain began to stop  we went back to the beach and Mrs Cotton helped us to fill buckets with water so we could float a flower on the top just as Guru Nanak did with the bowl of milk.   We were surprised that even though some of our buckets were full to the brim, the flower was still able to fit on top without any water spilling over the top.

Before we went back to school we looked at a picture of a jasmine flower and drew some in the sand.  We collected a shell for the middle of our flower and drew five petals around the outside.

As it was raining there were lots of snails and worms on the paths today.  We remembered the story from Islam that we heard a few weeks ago about the Prophet and the ants and remembered that no matter how small an animal is they are all important to God so we were very careful not to stand on them. 

 We are hoping for better weather next week!