21 June 2022


Our worship by the waves was the on the theme of Hope.  We each had a piece of marram grass which we used as our ‘hope rope’.  We spoke about how people are sometimes ‘knotted up inside’ when they are worried.  We tied knots in our marram rope for our worries and as we untied our knots we thought about our worries being untied too.  We thought about how to give hope to others who are worried. 

Our story today was ‘The Littlest Raindrop’ by Joanna Gray. It tells the story of the journey of a raindrop  in the water cycle.   After we read the story we wrote some descriptive sentences about the sea, thinking carefully about the sounds in the words.

The next thing we did was to create a big picture of the water cycle in the sand.  We used some fabric and added shells and seaweed.

We thought about how important clouds are in the water cycle because that is where little raindrop started and finished his journey.  We looked through some cloud viewers to identify different clouds and them.  We used our sketch books to draw the clouds that we could see.

We then acted out the water cycle pretending to be a cloud, a raindrop, a river, the sea and the sun.  We also learnt a song about the water cycle to the tune of ‘Wheels on the Bus’.  We finished the day by playing some parachute games.

We began today with Worship by the Waves, which had a theme of Hope.  We then got straight into our English.  This week we were doing some creative thinking.  We used the 'Not a stick' book as a starting point to our thinking.  We thought of all the things the stick could be; we had telescopes, masks, carrots and ice creams to name a few.  We then took an empty egg box and used the same idea.  We thought about all the things the egg box could be; again we had some cool ideas such as a car, a crocodile and a treasure chest.
After writing some sentences in our journals we then got on with our next lesson which was PE.  In PE  we began to think about some of the skills we might need to play cricket.  We got into partners and rolled the ball and tried to stop it from going past us by cupping our hands ready to stop it.  We definitely got better the more we tried.  After all this practise we needed a snack so we retreated up the sand for a snack.
After snack we did some maths.  We were recapping our movement and directional language by using the key vocabulary to find our way around a twister maze.  We used words such as forward, back, left, right and turns.  It was then time to go for a tasty lunch of fish fingers and chips before heading back down to the beach to do some art.  We looked at Paul Klee's painting 'Castle and Sun' and tried to recreate this using only circles, squares, triangles and rectangles.  Some of us even tried to make our castles symmetrical!  Well done Everyone on what was a warm beach school!