21 June 2019

Orcas and St Michaels 
What a wonderful day the year 6 children had the pleasure of welcoming the St Michaels children again! It was nice for the friendships and bonds that were formed during residential - all of the children got on splendidly! 
Our day started with some beach art. The children could work independently or within a group it was totally up to themselves and they could make anything on any topic they wanted, they just needed to use the plethora of resources around them. There were some fabulous and interesting structures created. 
After that, the group were given identification cards and put into groups, the children then went to the rock pools to discover the wonders. Super team work and some great identification work! 
Following on from rock pooling the children then took put in some more physical activity with a game of rounders the overall score was a draw. 
A scrumptious lunch at the golf course and some hydration the children then worked within their teams with the brief that they needed to make a shelter/ den with the resources available, there were sticks, tarpaulin sheets, parachutes, toggles, clips and ropes. Each group took a different approach and it was great to see all of the children's team work skills developing and their relationships with one and other. 
A fabulous day had by all! 
Puffins & Orcas
We were joined today by the Year 3s, 4s and 5s, whilst the Year 6s hosted St Michael's, and the Year 1s worked with Starfish for maths and PE.  The Year 2s and 3s did some work thinking about turns and direction, whilst the older children made grids and practised some translating, moving shells.
In PE we practised our standing long jump and shot put throws.  Our technique and distances are definitely getting better.
We spent a peaceful half an hour doing our weather reports.  It was great to have the Year 4 and 5s joining in too.  We read a range of them out loud, thinking very carefully which bits helped to paint the picture of what we were experiencing.
After lunch we did some more work with the compasses, showing the Orcas how to do it.  We discussed how we could make our paces more accurate, and how to take an average of each group to give a best fit for the distance.
When we had navigated our way back to the beach, we decided to do some landscape sketching - looking carefully at what we could see, and representing it on the page.  Then we moved into representing the landscape in a different way - through collage.  We worked in groups interpreting the landscape using the resources available to us.  It was interesting to see how different each one was!


The sky was very blue for beach school today.  We were pleased because we know that a blue sky normally means sunshine!

We began with maths continuing to learn about time.  Some children read the times on clocks and made clocks in the sand.  We found a short stick and a long stick to use as the short and the long hands.  We also had a minute timer and had some tasks to perform.  We had to collect as many shells and stones as we could in a minute, fill as many buckets with sand as we could and see who could dig the biggest hole.

In PE we practised our throwing and catching with a partner and then used the bats.  We began by balancing the beanbags on the bats (we thought it was a bit like having a pancake in a frying pan!).  After we had practised balancing  we began hitting the beanbag up in the air with the bat.  We tried really hard as it was quite tricky to catch it again on the bat.

We had a snack of a banana or apple and then listened to a pirate story about which pirate would be pirate of the year.  We wrote a list of all the races the pirates took part in and acted them out.

Later we saw some fishermen who told us all about the fish they hoped to catch.  They showed us the bait they use to catch fish and some of us were able to help them reel in their fishing rods.  There wasn’t any fish on the end though.   

In the afternoon we read a pirate treasure story.  We used compasses to follow the instructions on the treasure map but didn’t find any buried treasure.  After that we created some pirate maps in the sand and dug a hole to bury our own treasure.