21 January 2022


We continued with our story of the week ‘Goldilocks’ on the beach this week.  We know the story so well that we were able to tell it ourselves.  We did a great job of putting on different voices for the different bears.

We had a go at writing some words from the story in the sand and drawing some squiggle and pen disco patterns.

For maths today we filled some Numicon with shells, counting carefully.  The Reception children then used the Numicon and shells to show one more and one less. 

We took the bears from our ‘Three Bear’s Cottage’ to the beach today and made them some porridge using sand, stones and shells.  We mixed in saucepans and put it into bowls.  We gave them all a delicious meal of sand porridge!  We then made them beds in the sand.

One of Starfish class found a really interesting piece of painted wood.  We were all fascinated by it and wondered where it came from.  These are some of our ideas:

‘It’s from a door from a house in the dunes’

‘It’s from a pirate ship, the underbit because it’s wet’

‘It might have come from a fishing boat’

‘It’s from a big Jolly Roger pirate ship.  From the tall bit where the sail goes’

We finished our morning at beach school by reciting the poem we have been learning this week ‘Sliced Bread’.

At beach school this week we started by building our very own Stonehenge based on our topic lesson this week. We discussed what we thought the stones represented and some of the children were able to explain what the solstice was. This then led us to discuss Duddo Stone Circle which led to us recapping our knowledge of the United Kingdom and what Countries, Counties, Cities, Towns and Villages are. Once we had created our map and discussed this we had our snack before moving on to using our Maths Eyes, where we had to look at a picture and discuss what we thought was happening. It was quite interesting as we had to use knowledge of 3D shapes, distances, and sizes to make a reasoned explanation. We then finished off the day by creating a map of Eastern Europe as that is our Geography topic this half-term. We found this a bit more difficult as we were mixing up Eastern and Western Europe. But we managed to get there in the end. After lunch, we practised our line graph skills by completing our Big Maths Graphs before going outside to practice our netball skills by throwing the ball using overhead and chest passes and trying to control the ball. We found it very difficult to keep still when we had the ball, I think this may be next week's challenge.