21 December 2022

Starfish and Puffins

Today Starfish and Puffins were together at beach school.  After Worship by the Waves the whole school worked together to make a huge Christmas tree.  We collected lots of seaweed, driftwood, shells and stones with Seals and Orcas and created a Christmas tree for everyone to see.  We added some ribbons for tinsel.  It looked amazing when it was finished!

Miss Murray read us a letter from Father Christmas!  He told us that he had been shopping for carrots for his reindeer and was practising flying his sleigh over Embleton.  Santa stopped for a rest in the sand dunes but had a bit of a bumpy landing and everything fell out of his sleigh!  When he got back to the North Pole he noticed that all the carrots were missing and asked us to find them.  We went on a carrot hunt in the sand dunes and found all his missing carrots.

Then we went back to the beach and used the buckets and spades and made some Christmas themed sandcastles.  Some of us pretended to be reindeer and pulled Santa in a sleigh!  After a fantastic Christmas beach school we went back to the golf club for lunch before heading back to school.