This week we have started our new English unit on non-chronological reports.  We are going to use our science topic of plants to help us.  We have looked at key features of a non-chronological report and identified these in some texts.  We then moved on, towards the end of the week, looking at sentence openers that we could use in a non-chronological report and how they might differ from those used in a fiction piece of writing.

In Maths, we have carried on looking at our unit on length and height.  We have been doing some accurate measuring in centimetres and metres, as well as comparing lengths using the language longer and shorter.  We also looked at height and were comparing objects using tall, taller and tallest. 

In RE we took a look at the bible story of Jonah and the Whale and discussed what this teaches Christians about God.  We have also been practising our glockenspiel skills in music and learning to play Happy Birthday on them.  I think we still need a bit more practise!!

We began making our collages this week too.  Thank you to everyone for bringing in all your bits and bobs for it.  They are beginning to look lovely.  Hopefully we will get them finished next week, then on display for a few weeks so that everyone can admire them and then we will be sending them home for you to proudly display on the fridge!  We will send any unused collage materials home in case they have been inspired to have a go at making more at home!! (Warning: it may get messy!! Ha ha)

In PE we were practising our front support then into a wheelbarrow balance.  By the end of the lesson most children had completed a wheel barrow support, I was so proud of them all.  Even the ones who doubted themselves and straight away said “Miss, there is no way I can do one of those” pleasantly surprised themselves.  I have enjoyed watching their confidence grow this half term in gymnastics, their resilience and perseverance was admirable.  Well Done Puffins. 

We talked about friendship in PSHE and made a friendship web.  We watched what would happen to the web if one person lets it down.  We also discussed the kind of qualities we want in a friend and agreed that all of our friends had some / all of these qualities.  Some of the words we came up with were; kind, nice, friendly, caring, silly, makes us laugh, plays with us and helpful; Words that I would use when describing someone who I would want as my friend. 

Big Maths promotions this week go to:

FLO – SAFE challenge promotion

MAYA – Learn Its challenge promotion

Well done to you both.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday for the last week of this half term.  Hasn’t this half term flown by.  We are all ready for the holidays already but we can push on for another week!