20th May 2022

This week in Puffin Class the year 2 children have completed their SAT’s. Well done to you all, you have been super!

In maths this week we have continued to measure the capacity of containers by using millilitres and litres. By the end of the week we moved onto measuring temperature.

In English we have started to write our own version of ‘How to trap a dragon’ by changing the animal.

In PSHE we continued to think about the feeling of anger and in computing we used the Ozobots for the first time, we were taught how to care for them and how we can help them to move by following a very specific, black line. In Friday’s PE session we have continued working with the bats and balls. We are becoming very good at our underarm throwing and aiming skills.

In RE we began looking at information about different religions ‘special places’.  We looked at Synagogues, Mandirs and Gurdwaras.  We watched some clips online about what happens in these buildings.

DT was the children’s favourite lesson this week as we began learning about how to use a saw!!  Yes that’s right – a saw!  We listened careful to all the safety rules before heading outside to have a go.  I am pleased to report all children who had a turn went home with 10 digits!  No first aid needed!

Thanks for another lovely week together Puffins, keep up the hard work!