20.November 2020


What a surprise we had when we walked down to the beach today.  The field we pass that normally has sheep in it had cows in!  We stopped walking and spent quite a while talking about cows! 

We were in for an even bigger surprise when we got to the beach!  The tide had come up so high last night that there was no beach for us to go on.  In fact we couldn’t even walk along the path!

As the golf course was shut due to the lockdown we were able to walk across the green.  We walked up the big hill and then looked down to the path that we normally walk along.  We saw that it was covered in water!  We decided to walk up in the dunes for our book which was all about colours.  We then each had a colour wheel and went on a colour hunt to find things that matched the colours on our wheel.

We were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t get onto the beach so we decided to be explorers and go on an adventure through the dunes instead.  We went for a long walk!

Before we went back to school we had a game of tag rugby on the golf course.

This week in Beach School, we had an unexpected change as the high tides had caused the walkway to the beach to become flooded. So we ended up walking over the golf course and up to the bird huts, where we often went with Bridie. It allowed us to be warmed-up ready to start our PE with the Orcas. Miss Thompson kindly put together a circuit training programme including; sit-ups, jumping jacks, sprints, bean bag catching, walkouts, hitting a tennis ball continuously and skipping. It was hard work but they all put in a tremendous effort. We then split off from the Orcas and created our performances in our groups based on Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. It was very successful in that all the children put their heart and soul into their performances and made it very entertaining. We even had a wardrobe! After this, we read another chapter taking us further into Narnia and awaiting to see whether Edmund would manage to get the children to the Queen...
We have some children who think he will and some who do not, it will be interesting to see where we go. We also managed to fit our Times Table practice before we returned to school, which all the children did amazingly.

No way to get onto the beach, no problem for Seals and Orcas who hot footed it over the golf course, through the dunes and took base near the bird hide! 

The children were buzzing with excitement at the change of location and we began our lessons with PE and circuits, the children had 7 activities and worked with a partner, swapping after one minute. 

After circuits, Orcas began their science session looking at the work of Charles Darwin in the Galápagos Islands and the adaptation of the finch beaks to their environment and diet. The children took part in an experiment where they had three islands which had a specific food source, working with a partner they needed to workout which ‘beak’ would be best for the island. There was skittle island, marshmallow island and rice island. The children had three ‘beaks’ tweezers, a straw and a spoon. The aim was to feed their baby bird. As I’m sure you can see from the photos the class had great fun. 

After a few skittles, the class then began their RE session we began the story of Moses and the plagues as a group the children then used drama to act out each of the plagues and get a better understanding of the story. 

Hopefully next week we can get onto the beach!