20 September 2019


We were blessed with another lovely day for beach school, the sun was shining and the sea was beautiful we truly are so lucky to be able to live and be educated in such a wonderful place!

Our day began with Worship by the Waves led by some of our new Church School Council Caroline, Noah and Faye. The theme was compassion – which is also one of the key values at Embleton Primary School. The children shared their ideas with their partners and produced an image in the sand of a heart using the sand and the shells that they had collected earlier.

After worship it was on to Maths! Orca class split into Bright Sparks and Super Stars. They continued to further their knowledge on place value. A quick hydration and a snack and then off to our topic area in the beach; the children are continuing to develop their note taking skills, a key skill which they can use later in life too. This week our inspirational place was the Lascaux Caves in France the children learned how the caves were discovered, when they were discovered and who by. We also discussed what the cave paintings depicted and how a caveman would’ve been able to complete the task. After that, the children then used their sketch books and oil pastels to recreate the images.


A lovely lunch and then back to the beach, we have added a new lesson within the timetable for mindfulness and THRIVE, we split into two groups and whilst one group learnt their knot of the week – which this week was a reef knot- the second group went with Miss Thompson to discuss mindfulness, dealing with emotions, how emotions can make us feel and clearing away worries. Then after that the groups swapped over.


The walk to the Tippee Top classroom proved educational with the range of animals in which we spotted on the way. This week our theme of poetry was Stig. The children used some of their knowledge for poetic devices including personification and similes to produce some fabulous pieces.


Another wonderful beach day!



What a glorious day today!  We began by sitting and thinking about how beautiful our beach is.  We

hen had Worship by the Waves which was led by our new church school council.  We thought about how we could show compassion for our beach and made some prayer hearts.


Our story today was ‘There was an Old Sailor’.  It was similar to one of our favourite books ‘There was an Old Lady’.  In today’s book the sailor swallows lots of different sea animals.  We then thought about writing our own story and thought of different creatures with rhymes.  We decided that he swallowed a fish that made him wish, he swallowed an eel that tasted like orange peel and he swallowed a shark that made him bark.

Later we noticed some wiggly lines in the sky and wondered what they were.  Miss Gabrielle told us they were contrails from jet planes.  She told us that the pilots were in training.  They were chasing and following each other.  We followed the lines with our fingers; there were lots of different shapes.

In the book one of the animals the old sailor swallowed was a krill that made him ill.  At the back of the book it told us that five krill weigh the same as a teaspoon of sand.  We used the balances to find out how many shells and stones weighed the same as a teaspoon of sand. 

After lunch we all worked together to create some beach art of the old sailor.  


After Worship by the Waves, and some Thrive time just being in our landscape, the Puffins got straight into our weather recording.  As this is our third week doing this we have become much faster at doing it - today there was a light westerly wind of 2.5 mph, and the temperature was a glorious 19 degrees!  It was a beautiful sunny day.  After that we got on with our maths lesson.  In class this week we have been looking at identifying missing numbers on a number square or number line, so we carried on this theme on the beach by using sand or shells to hide some numbers for our partners to work out.
After maths we grabbed a quick drink and went down onto the hard sand to do some target practice work.  We used small and large hoops and beanbags and balls.  We thought about how we could make the challenge harder or easier for ourselves and chose the level of challenge that we were most comfortable to start with.  We thought carefully about how we needed to stand and where our throwing hand needed to be pointing when we let go of the ball or bean-bag.
When we had had our snack we went up to our writing area, and recalled the poetry we were doing the previous week, before working on a 'Ten things found in a Pirates Chest' shared poem.  We then chose our own 'Ten things found in...' poem and started writing our own ones.  Before we went to lunch we shared some of our ideas with each other.
After a delicious lunch, at a very busy golf club, we got some grabbers and a bucket and walking through the dunes and along the beach we did a litter pick.  When we got to our southerly-most point we stopped and finished off the story of the Lighthouse Keeper's Cat, before carrying on with our litter pick on the way back up the beach.  We were quite pleased that there really wasn't too much litter to pick up at all - worst offenders were dog poo bags and baby wipes.
As it was hot we left the beach slightly early so that we could walk up the hill at a more leisurely pace!