20 April 2018

What a fab start to our Beach School!  The weather was perfect and we learnt loads.  We started off by walking down to the beach, observing the weather, flora and fauna as we went.  We noticed that the buds were just starting to form on the hedgerow, and saw a woodpigeon with a twig in its mouth, on its way to build its nest.  When we got to the beach, we played some games round the parachute to help Bridie and Helen to learn our names, then Class 2 went to do some athletics, whilst Class 1 played some parachute games and 'What's the time, Mr Wolf?'  Whilst Class 2 went down to the waterline to see how far out the tide was, before coming back and making clocks with the low water time (1:04 pm), Class 1 made a human clock and were challenged with making various times. Whilst we were having snack, Bridie taught us about the tides and how they work.  After that we talked about Dunstanburgh Castle, then worked together in teams to sculpt our own versions of the castle in sand.  Then it was time for lunch - we went up to the golf club where Mrs Borrego and Erica had brought down some sausage rolls that Mandy had made, which we had with some chips!  It was lovely to spend a bit of time in the shade!
After lunch it was low tide, so we all went down to the waterline.  We used trundle wheels to see how far it was between high and low tides.  We were amazed that it was 140m, which was almost exactly the same length as Noah's Ark (that Class 2 had been learning about in RE earlier in the week).  After that we sat together and talked about what sand was, looking at it closely through magnifiers.  We talked about how the dunes were made, and Alfie suggested that we should photograph them to see how they change over the year.  Then Class 2 went to the highest point of the sand dunes, to carry out a mapping activity, whilst Class 1 looked at some Andy Goldsworthy natural artwork, and thought about the story of 'The Snail and the Whale' before using sand and shells to make snails and whales.  The final activity of the day was for Class 2 to conquer 'the wall' - a wall of sand to climb up and roll down; whilst Class 1 carried out a calmer activity of making a shared list poem of 'On the beach I found...' with the older children being challenged to think carefully about using alliterative adjectives.
Finally we made the walk up the hill back to school.  We all managed it (even the youngest children) without any fuss - back safe and sound, slightly sandy, rather hot, but having had the most amazing day.