I just want to start off by saying how nice it was talking to all the parents on the phone and up dating them on their child's progress.  Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback and support during these difficult times.
This week we have been reading Man on the Moon (A day in the life of Bob), finding out what astronauts do all day!  We found out that Bob has to hoover the moon - who knew!!  We have also been learning to separate fact from fiction.  We discussed different ways of finding out facts.  These included using google, books, tv programmes, leaflets and going on visits to museums and things.  
In maths some of us continued to look at column addition, have you ever tried it - it is so confusing at times!  The rest of us looked at fact families and how to find all 8 facts instead of just 4.
Promotions continued to appear in Big Maths.  This week they go to ZACH, MARY and ELLA who all got promoted to the next level in their CLIC maths and RORY and FLO got promoted in their Learn Its challenge.  Well done everyone!!
This week has been anti-bullying week so we have been designing some posters to display in the classroom on how to be a good friend.  I am glad to hear that no one said they were being bullied when we had a chat about it at the start of the session.  Everyone said they were friends with everyone.
We have also done a bit more work on Christopher Columbus.  We had a look at his journey and what happened when he arrived in the 'Indies'.
Have a good weekend everyone, don't forget to do lots of reading and learn those spellings!
See you Monday
Miss Murray