Last week was a very busy and exciting week in Seal Class. On Monday, we went swimming and practised our throwing and catching skills. Something we have been working very hard on in PE. We had the children practising overarm and underarm throwing. Thinking about what distance they had to throw for it to be more effective. We then practised batting by having one person throw to their partner and then try to bat the ball as far as possible.
On Tuesday, we had an extra-long school day but it was worth it. We had fun visiting Edinburgh on the train, going around Edinburgh and learning the history on the Open top bus before visiting Dynamic Earth and learning all about how the Earth started, The Big Bang Theory and what happened to the Earth over different periods. We even got to experience a live Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption. We then headed back on the open-top bus stopping for ice cream and then back on the train heading for home.
On Wednesday, we continued to learn Stand by Me on the Guitars with Mr Easton. We have learnt the start of the song, using G, D, C and E minor chords. We then split into groups to have a go at the unofficial TTRS MTC check, which is a practice run for what we will be doing next half-term, we continued our RE slides about researching the disciples and we wrote a story about our visit to Edinburgh. In science, this week we looked at carrying out a scientific enquiry that focused on which rock is most found in Embleton. We went around various places and tallied which types of rock we could see. We found that sandstone was the most found rock in Embleton. We discussed why this might be. Thinking about durability, strength and our location.