1 October 2021


As we walked down to the beach today we noticed that one of the fields that used to have cows and sheep in had been ploughed.  We looked closely and could see that the farmer had planted some beans.  As we walked along the path we saw that some beans had landed on the path.  We decided to help the farmer by throwing the beans back into the field!

When we got the beach we saw that the beach had changed again!  The water now flowed into the sea and was much lower than previous weeks.  We went for a walk to investigate and had great fun climbing up and down the sand banks.

Our story today was ‘Seaweed Soup’ by Stuart J Murphy.  It is a story about a turtle that makes seaweed soup to serve to his friends for lunch.  We used puppets to tell the story and made our own seaweed soup!  Some of us even went to collect some water for our soup.

The reception children began to use their phonic knowledge to write the initial sounds for a list of ingredients for their seaweed soup.  They tried really hard to use the correct letter formation.

At snack time today we discovered that a tiny bit of talcum powder got rid of all the grains of sand on our hands!  We then used hand gel and ate our snack without having sandy fruit!

After our snack we then went on a seaweed hunt using some identification charts.  We could only find two different types of seaweed on our beach but we had great fun looking closely at it and working out which one matched the chart.

It was very windy today so we tried to use the parachute as a tent!  After we played a few parachute games Mrs Popay and Mrs Cotton let it flap in the wind so we could run underneath. 

We sang some number songs sitting on the logs before we went up to the golf club for our tasty lunch of sausage rolls and chips!

In the afternoon we made wooden spoon puppets using chalk and listened to the story of Seaweed Soup again.  When it was our characters turn we needed to hold up our spoon.

We finished the day with some maths by counting shells and finding two shells that were the same and then two shells that were different.


It was a bit chillier today, so we thought about how we needed to change what we were wearing for Beach School.  We thought that sun hats could go in our bags, and we would wear our woolly hats instead.  On the way down we found some beans that had fallen on the path, and helped the farmer by throwing them back onto the field.  We are looking forward to seeing how tthey grow over the coming weeks.  
Once down on the beach we realised that the river was much lower than it had been the previous week.  We went over to where we had helped to dig the channel for the river last week, and were really proud to see that the river was now flowing right down it.  Our learning started off with science this week.  We brainstormed all we knew about magnets and what they were used for - we knew quite alot!  We then learnt that magnets can be used to sort recycling.  We all got a magnet and explored some of its properties - some lovely language about magnetic forces were heard.  We then used our magnets to pretend to be a recycling machine.  Shells had been set out, some with paperclips attached underneath, and some without.  We used our magnets to sort the ones with the paperclips from the ones without.  We were really impressed with how well it worked - we only missed one 'magnetic' shell!
After science we did some maths.  We used numbered shells to work on understanding and ordering numbers, partitioning numbers or adding and subtracting numbers. 
Once we had had snack we did some PE.  This week we were focussing on accurate throwing and catching with a partner.  The wind presented a few challenges!  At the end of the session we used all our muscles climbing up and running down the dunes.  We found some parts of the dunes made a really good, but very steep slide, we showed great courage going off the edge!
At the golf club we had delicious sausage rolls and chips for our lunch, before going back on to the beach to do some writing about what we could see.  It is lovely to see sentences increasing in the Year 1s, and some fabulous descriptive writing from the Year 2s.  
As the RE which we needed to do was better completed in school, we then came up the hill, helping the Starfish along.  It is really great to see how everyone's stamina is improving, and we are definitely going up the hill faster than we did the first week back.