1 March 2023


Today started with worship by the waves where we discussed forgiveness, saying sorry and being able to ‘wipe the slate clean’. After that, we went to explore and to investigate how the tide had altered the shoreline.

Our lessons then started with looking at improper and mixed number fractions, the children worked with a partner to discuss each question and used pictorial representations to support their learning. We then read another part of the class book The Explorer (we only have 90 pages left and there’s so many questions that need to be answered!).

Moving on to PE we began with a bean warm up if I said runner bean the children ran, jumping bean they jumped etc. We then played a version of tag where the children had to get into a space to stopped them getting tagged. Splitting into teams the children then raced to the centre to grab the bib with the winning team being the team who had collected the most – please look at the photos for some super action shots!

Continuing with our Maya topic looking at Maya masks, discussing the materials and tools which would’ve been available during that time period, the children then used the natural materials to make their own versions.

It was a bit wet today but no one complained, the children were all in good spirits and enjoyed the lessons today too – what a great day! Well done Orcas!


At beach school we started off with Worship by the Waves. We then spent some time walking along the river. We focused on looking at the Meander, the Source and the Mouth. We had a fantastic discussion about the different parts before sketching the river and labelling the different parts in our sketch books. This is a fantastic introduction into our new Geography topic which is water. We then spent some time recapping our previous English lesson, looking at different word types (prepositions, verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns). We then wrote some fantastic sentences describing the beach using prepositions. The children said the task was not challenging at all and then need more of a challenge. Which is great to hear and myself and Mrs Threlfall were amazed by their work. This means that they will definitely need a harder task next week. The children then spent some time learning Ukrainian with Miss Anna. This week they were focusing on saying goodbye to their friends and in a formal way. They also recapped what they had learnt previously. The children are really enjoying the challenge of learning Ukrainian with Miss Anna.


Worship by the Waves began our beach day today.  We then headed up into the dunes for some shelter from the wind to do our writing.  We began by doing some weather reports then moved on to thinking about similes.  We chose an item at the beach and used something to compare it to.  Some examples we came up with were; the clouds are as grey as an elephant, the sand is as yellow as the sun and the marram grass is dancing like a ballerina. 

After we did our writing it was time to warm up a bit by doing some PE.  This half term we are doing circuits and thinking of some exercises to help us work lots of different muscle groups.  This week we did shuttle runs, squats and star jumps.  We discussed the effect of these exercises on our bodies and which muscles we would be using during each exercise.  We had earned our snack by now so stopped for a break, before moving on to doing some art.  We all chose 2 different pieces of seaweed to do observational drawings on and carefully sketched them in our sketchbook.  We finished our morning with some poetry.  We listened to the poem ‘My Shell’ and talked about the rhyming words in it.  We also discussed what image the poem created in our heads before learning it and performing it in groups to the rest of the class. 



Our book at the beach today was ‘Cars Galore’.  We have been reading ‘Cars Galore’ in class this week so we were already familiar with the story.

After listening to the story we made a list of all things that were on the ‘Pack-it-up-and-have-a-trip car’.  There were lots of things to write including a shed, a ball, a bag and a ship.

In the story there is a car on a cliff.  We talked about what cliffs and looked at the cliffs that Dunstanburgh Castle stands on.  We decided that it was a good place for a car.

We explored how different cars went down different drainpipes by making a ramp using the sand dunes.  We discovered that when the drainpipes got covered in sand that the cars didn’t go down very well.  We  then made a big roadway in the sand and drove our cars along it

For PE we moved like the cars in the story.  We went fast, slow, roared, were big cars and small cars, tall cars and short cars, jumping cars , racing and chasing cars and lots more!

We went on a walk to explore how the beach had changed since we were last at beach school.  The estuary had altered its course into the sea.  What a difference it was!