1 March 2019


Today was St David’s day.  We began beach school with ‘Worship by the Waves’ thinking about St David, the patron saint of Wales and his famous saying “Do the little things in life”.

For our maths we collected stones, wrote numbers on them and then made a number line.  After that we collected shells and put the correct number of shells next to the number in our number line.

We used scarves on the beach today as part of our PE.  We made up dances with them, ran up and down the beach with them, threw them up into the air and then decided to see what the world looked like through them!

We went for a walk in the dunes with magnifying glasses looking for signs of spring.  On our walk we saw a WW2 pill box.  We wanted to go inside but Mrs Popay needed to first check that it was safe for us.  When we went inside it was quite dark but our eyes soon adjusted.  We looked out to see the view that the soldiers would have seen a long time ago.  We didn’t find many signs of spring in the dunes but we found some trees and bushes in bud and some spring flowers when we walked back to school.  We are going to look at them next week to see how they have changed.



Today at Beach School Orcas began the session with maths, they got into partners and began to challenge each other with different questions including using decimals. Some children used addition and subtraction and some tried to really challenge their partner by including multiplication and division. It was fantastic to see the level of understanding which the children had on this topic.

After maths and a quick warm up the children began their game of rugby. The class are still developing the skills including passing backwards and using the space around them. There has been a big development within the class.

A quick snack and back to work, this time the children were planning their own beach school video. The children discussed which element of beach school they would like to share with everyone and began to write a script. Some elements of the video includes the wall, tippy top classroom and the golf club.

After lunch, we were back on the beach and continuing our learning about inspiration conservationists this week we focused on Steve Irwin the children found him a rather interesting character. After that, the class was split into three teams to plan, design and build their own Anglo Saxon village. We discussed what a village should include, how they could protect their village and house sizes. Mrs Threlfall was the overall judge and it did prove rather difficult to decide an overall winner.

After Worship by the Waves, where we thought about St David, and doing 'the little things', we did some maths, where we were working out multiplication and division number sentences and then finding the inverse.
In PE this week we started working on how to play beach volleyball by using our wrist as a 'bat'.  We will definitely be doing some more practice!!
After snack we did some independent writing, which you can see below, before finding out about how glass was made, and investigating the grains of sand with magnifying glasses.  We were amazed at the variety of colour and patterns on each grain.
In the afternoon we looked at some different types of rocks, recalling whether they are sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic.  We then collected different rocks to make our own museums.  We added dinosaurs to our museums!  We then used some clay and shells to explore how the textures on the shells made imprints like fossils.
Here is some of our independent writing about being at the beach today:
'I am looking at the glorious sea.  The grass is still as a statue.  It is a peaceful day.  There is drops on the beautiful grass.'  Jacob (Year 1)
'Today the sun is shining.  It's the 1st of March.  I am feeling happy because I am really relaced.  The grass is still. It's really peaceful.  My bottom is cold on the sand.'  Grace (Year 1)
'Today at the beach it is a lovely mild day and everyone is warm.  We just want to relax!  The sea has tiddly waves and right out to sea there are no waves.  The wind is barely blowing and the grass is not swaying.'  Arthur (Year 2).
'It is cloudy and sunny a bit.  The waves are moving.  The geese are flying in the sky.  The sea is calm.  When the people are at the beach it is very calm.  The raindrops are glowing on the grass.  The sky is a bit blue and dark clouds.  The people are enjoying the beach.' Indira (Year 1)
'It is a very amazing day today.  The geese are enjoying their flying in the sky to their friends.  It is a quiet and mild day.  Today the grass is as still as a statue.  It is cloudy and sunny.  The sea is so calm.'  Summer-Rose (Year 2)
'Today it's mild and the sky is grey and the grass is not swaying.  It's a peaceful day.  The raindrops on the grass are like diamonds and the geese are taking off and the grass is like a statue.' Freddie (Year 1)
'Today it is cold and cloudy.  Far out at sea it is very calm but closer in it is not very calm.  The grass is still and very green.  There are raindrops everywhere.' Jake (Year 2)
'Today it is a little bit warm.  The geese are flying in the sky and they are happy.  Flowers are coming up from the soil.  Spring has arrived at last.  1st of March is the 1st day of Spring.  The wind is blowing a little bit.'  Mabel (Year 2)
'Today it is very mild.  Today it is the first of March.  The geese are just taking flight.  The raindrops are hanging off the grass like fairy lights.  Today there are storm clouds in the sky.'  Freya (Year 1)