1 February 2019


After a lovely parent worship we had a leisurely stroll down to the beach. When we got there we began our session around the parachute and discussed February being a leap year, we also found out what the plan was for today.

After that, Orca class began their maths session by practicing times tables and their newly improved catching skills. They then add three fractions with different denominators they then split off into two different groups of year 6 children and the year 4 and 5 children.

Following on from that, Orca class started their PE session and began developing passing and team work skills, with specific rules meaning that each player of the group had to pass the ball before scoring, the yellow bib team won 5-1.

After snack the science lesson began and the children carried on developing their understanding of friction and forces. The children carried out a practical test looking at the amount of friction on different surfaces and how gravity can affect it.

A warm up and a delightful lunch at the golf club set us up for our afternoon of fun! We carried on learning about a different person from the book, Boys who Dare to be Different, this week William Kamkwamba was our interesting chap, he is a fascinating person born in Malawi. After that, the orca’s began their topic lesson writing about Sutton Hoo and using previous knowledge which they have learnt in the past two topic lessons.

Finally, a well-deserved trip to the wall, where we paced out the outline of the Sutton Hoo ship, well done Orcas!

We all made sure we were wrapped up warm for our trip to the beach as there was still some snow on the ground from the night before.  Our session started under the parachute with a discussion about the new month, and what was special about February.  After that it was straight into maths with some times table practice before having a fraction challenge.  The children chose their own teams (girls and boys) and were challenged to turn their circle parachute into a half, and then a quarter.  Team 2 (girls) quickly came up with a plan and with no fuss folded their parachute, sitting on it to turn it into a half.  Team 1 (boys) took rather longer to work together as a team, and eventually completed the challenge.  We then spent some time using natural resources and giving each other a number to split into halves or thirds.  After maths we went straight into a game of football.  Each player was given an attacking or defending role, and we worked on making sure that we were doing our jobs, rather than all just chasing after the ball.  The teams were evenly matched, and the game ended in a draw.  After snack we settled down to doing our weather report writing.  Helen surprised us with a treat of warmed pebbles to keep our hands cosy whilst writing - they really helped.  There was some lovely writing again from everyone with, in particular, the Year 1s becoming much more independent in their writing, using some fabulous descriptions.
After a warm-up and yummy lunch at the golf club we went back down to the dunes to do some science work.  This week we were looking at metals, and after thinking about what we already knew about metal, we looked at some information about different types of metal and where it comes from.  We then used some tin foil to explore the properties of that particular type of metal - we made balls of it, and then threw it into the wind - it was so light that the wind blew it backwards.  As the sleet started to come in, we decided to come back up to school.  Once back in the classroom, we found a range of different things we thought were metal in the school, and investigated their properties and why metal was a good material to use for each object - for example, we decided that chair legs were good being made from metal because it was hard and strong.  We decided that chair legs made from fabric or paper would not be the best solution!  We also realised that a candle holder made from plastic might not be as good as a metal one because the plastic one might melt, but the metal one wouldn't.
We were all wrapped up with lots of layers ready for beach school.  We made sure that we all had hats and gloves on and then set off down the hill.  We looked at the snow on the fields and discussed making snowmen.  There wasn't any snow on the beach though so we weren't able to make any.  We joined with Orcas and Puffins under the parachute and spoke about it being a new month of February.  
For our maths on the beach we continued with an activity that we had been doing in class earlier on in the week.  We were looking for pairs.  On the beach we had to look for two things that looked identical.  We had to be very observant and look carefully on the ground.  We found pairs of stones, shells, feathers and seaweed.
For PE we did some running up and down the beach and then practised our throwing skills by throwing stones into the sea.  We waited for a wave to break and then tried to hit it with with our stones.  We also learnt a new singing game which kept us very active in the cold.
In the sand we made some of the toys from 'Kippers Toybox' which is the story we have been reading this week.  After lunch in the golf club we headed back up the hill to school.