19 October 2022


Our story this week in school is the true story of Grace Darling.  She lived a in Longstone lighthouse on the Farne Islands.   When she was 22 she saved some sailors from a shipwreck and rowed them back to Longstone.

We listened to her story while looking out to sea and tried to imagine how Grace might have felt.  We looked at the rocks and thought about how the sailors must have felt when they were clinging onto the rocks.  Some of us pretended to be Grace Darling and we asked Grace questions about her life and the rescue. 

We wrote about what Grace Darling did using our phonic knowledge to write some words.  We are trying hard to keep out letters on the lines.

Grace Darling lived in a lighthouse that was very high. We climbed to the top of the highest sand dune to imagine what it might feel like.  In the lighthouse there was a spiral staircase, we remembered about spirals from when we had the story ‘Super Snail’.  We made spirals in the sand and ran round and round them pretending we were going up and down a spiral staircase.

The Reception children practised their doubling and halving skills using shells and stones and the Nursery children made repeating patterns using stones and shells.

We also had great run today climbing up and running down some sand dunes!