19 October 18

It was a lovely calm and still day today for beach school.  When we arrived on the sand we looked out to sea and we could only see little waves and we could only feel a slight breeze in the air.  
For our maths we wrote numbers on tin cans and then counted carefully and  put  the correct amount of items in our tins.  We then made a number line of tins.
For our PE we played some running games and then practised our throwing skills by trying to knock down the tins cans.  
We have been thinking a lot about autumn and autumn colours in school this week and today we looked at signs of autumn on the beach.  We saw lots of  different colours of autumn in the sand dunes and used colour charts to match the leaves and plants.
In the afternoon we joined Puffin class for a story and a treasure hunt.  We had lots of challenges to complete such as finding five different shells, three different types of seaweed, making faces and patterns in the sand and finding something special.  
We started off Beach School with our beach maths.  Today we were focussing on doubling or our 3 times tables.  We played a version of Beetle Drive; making minibeast parts in the sand each time we got the question correct, after rolling our dice.  After maths we warmed ourselves up and played a game of rounders.  We are starting to get better at anticipating where the runner is going to go, and are thinking about where we need to ball to be to get the opposition out!
After snack we did our weather reporting.  The information that we are writing down is becoming much more detailed; and our weather reporter for today did a great job.  Then it was time for science; and classifying animals.  Today we learnt about amphibians, including the meaning of the word 'amphibian'.  We shared knowledge that we already had about toads, frogs and newts; and learnt some more information.  Then we acted out the lifecycle of a frog - blowing bubble frogspawn; moving like tadpoles; and becoming frogs, climbing out of the water for the first time.
In the afternoon we joined with the Starfish for a scavenger hunt.  We led the teams finding a variety of different items, and completing different tasks.  We worked in different ways to get the jobs done - some of us gave different people different tasks, and some of us worked as bigger groups.  We all managed to find most things on our list!
 In the afternoon, the Orcas learnt about Ric O'Barry, the founder of the Dolphin Project, and how he turned from being a dolphin trainer, to a dolphin saver.  We talked about the ethics of keeping wild animals in captivity.  We then moved up to the 'Tippy Top' classroom, to learn about the lifecycle of a salmon.  We then used the information to help us write some short stories with salmon as the main character.  Having learnt about the many dangers that salmon face in their lifetimes, it will come as no surprise that almost all our salmon stories ended up with the fish being someone's supper!  We then just had time to work on perseverance and stamina going up and down 'The Wall'.  A special mention to Jack who conquered The Wall for the first time this week... twice!