19 November 2021


This week in the classroom the children were really interested in lava and volcanoes so we bought a new book to use at the beach today. ‘Going to the Volcano’ by Andy Stanton.

  After listening to the story we then rolled a dice with patterns on and drew the patterns in the sand.  We thought the circle pattern looked like the inside of a volcano and the zig zags looked like lots of volcanoes next to each other.  We then used buckets to make little volcanoes and made a hole in the top with our finger for where the lava would come out.


For our maths today the Nursery children counted spades of sand into buckets and discussed whether they were half full or full.  The Reception children used shells to make doubles to double five and then counted in twos.


In PE we moved in different ways just like in the story. We did

‘Walking down the lane-o to look at the volcano’

‘Riding a Great Dane-o to look at the volcano’

‘Sitting on the train-o to look at the volcano’

Jumping on the plane-o to look at the volcano’

Splashing through the rain-o to look at the volcano’

‘Climbing up a crane-o to look at the volcano’

We were exhausted after all that travelling up and down the beach!

We had great fun making our own volcanoes by piling up sand and flattening the sides and top.  We used our sketch books to draw our volcanoes thinking carefully about the shape.  After our sketching Mrs Cotton added some bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and red food colouring to the top of our volcanoes so that they could erupt like a real volcano!  We loved watching them.

 Before we came back to school we recited our poem that we have been learning with Miss Bolam this week.






In Beach School this week our theme was Children in Need. We focused on learning why it is important to have something like Children in Need and how it helps children. The theme this year is together, so we spent the morning doing different challenges as a team. The first challenge was to create a 3D Pudsey and the children worked hard to make sure they included his main features in particular they focused on his paws and face. The next task was to create a Beach Word Art focusing on what BBC Children in Need is all about. They included words like BBC, kindness, help and love. We then practised some of our Christmas Songs before reading more of Stig of The Dump. The children then wanted to create models of Stig's home or write a poem and they put a huge amount of effort in. We also did a team run up the dune which was a lot harder than we thought we managed 3 as a whole class so they should be very proud of themselves. We finished off our day back at school completing our 3rd week of circuits. The children did an amazing job and improved upon their scores.