This week in school, we have been very busy with lots of different activities. We have enjoyed the sunshine by doing some maths learning outside. We drew 2D and 3D shapes and were able to identify some of the key properties. We also created our 3D models of the shapes, which we enjoyed as some found it particularly tricky but it was worth it for the result. In English this week we have been looking at Pandora's Box and planning a narrative based on this. We were able to use Dr Who to inspire us as he showed us what could be inside Pandora's Box. After this, we created our performances to show the others what our narrative was about. We did a fantastic job! We have also had fun trying Pasta and evaluating it to see if dry or fresh pasta tastes better. We explored code.org to see what different coding sequences can do and we can't wait to code our own Dance Party next week.

This week's Class Dojo Sense of The Week goes to Mabel.
Star Writer of The Week goes to Freya.
Well done!