The second week back and what a packed week it has been. We have been finding out about our local area through the census. We created bar charts to represent how many cars are in each household in Embleton, Alnwick and Longhoughton. We then looked at how the population has changed from 2001 to 2011 and created bar charts to compare the similarities and differences. We have also looked at asking questions and what the importance of the Census was. We created our questions that we would like to be included in the next Census and a lot were based around technology.
This week we have also been creating rockets as part of the RAF Space Challenge. It was a great experience and allowed us to develop skills that we may need as an engineer. We also worked as a team to produce our rockets and should be very proud.
We had our last session with the Royal Geographical Society, where we looked at how we could reduce our waste by using more reusable products and using more environmentally friendly things.
In our learning this week, we have focused on doubling numbers and defining what happens when we double and half a number. We also created our performances of poems that are in Harry Potter. They did a fantastic job! We also practised playing Tag Rugby with the Orcas, which was a lovely treat.
So it has been a full week!
This week's Star Writer is Grace for her fantastic reasons that Harry should go to Hogwarts. Well done.
Our Class Dojo Sense of The Week goes to Thomas D! Congratulations.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.