This week has been jam packed with learning and excitement.
We have been making Easter gardens - we made the most of the sunshine and made these out in the garden.  We talked about each part of the garden and which parts of the Easter story they represented.  We also showed good team work skills, especially when tying the sticks together to make crosses.  I hope they all made it home safely and they are being well looked after.  
On Tuesday, we looked at the census.  We talked about what it is and what type of questions they ask.  We thought about why they ask so many questions.  We then thought about other questions we might add to the census.  We then had a go at collecting our own statistics and turning them into pictograms.  This was hard work but fun! 
The children were also very excited to finally get to make their lighthouses.  The piles of junk modelling that had been in quarantine finally made an appearance on the classroom floor and the making began.  If you had walked into the classroom at 1pm on Wednesday afternoon you'd have entered into utter chaos, but by 2:45pm we had 17 model lighthouses (which will be making their way home next week!!!) and a tidy carpet.  All in an afternoon's work!  
Big Maths is producing the results again this week with 3 more promotions.  These promotions are al for the Learn Its challenge and they go to FAYE, LUCAS and CARTER!  Well done!!!  There were also lots of full marks awarded so I don't think it will be long before we have some promotions in our CLIC challenges too.  Keep up the good work everyone.
Have a good weekend everyone.
Miss Murray