18 September 2020

Seal Class
Today we have started our John Muir Awards by taking part in some amazing activities led by Bridie from Mudlarks. We started our day by walking down to the beach and then playing some Ultimate Frisbee. We had lots of practising at bettering our throwing and catching skills. We then had a walk down to the rock pools, where we saw some amazing sea creatures. Some of the things we found were hermit crabs and fishes. After finding all of these amazing things, we had a long walk to Low Newton where we found the most picturesque area to eat our lunches. We were then surprised by William, who decided to play his cello for us! We then journeyed through the National Trust Walk which took us to look at some geese. This led us to write some amazing poems about the best parts of our day but as you can imagine it was hard to choose. We cannot wait until our next John Muir Beach Day!


What a beautiful day for beach school today!  We had a great time using the buckets and spades.  We found out that to make a good sandcastle it is best to use damp sand.  We discovered that you need to pack as much sand in the bucket as you can, pat the top, turn it over quickly (this was the tricky part) and finally, very carefully, take the bucket off. 

We then played a game with a dice where we rolled the dice and had to draw the pattern in the sand.  Some patterns were quite tricky!  The Reception children also practised writing the sounds that they have been learning this week.  It was fun to write in the sand.  After snack we sat and listened to a story about a shark who was afraid of everything but it turned out that he was very brave at the end.

We did yoga on the beach and did some fantastic warrior, downward facing dog and tree poses!  We will practise them again next week. 

For our maths today we had numbers and then collected the same amount of shells in our buckets.  We also did some very loud counting!

Before we went back to school we did some climbing and balancing on the log and then recited our poem of the week ‘Cup of Tea’.  It was very hot walking back up the hill to school but we all did it and we can’t wait for beach school again next week!


What a wonderful day for beach school and the first day of the John Muir award that Seals and Orcas will be working towards. So, we welcomed the return of Bridie who will be helping us with this task! 


We began our day with PE and ultimate frisbee, the children then worked with the person that they sit next to in class to develop their target and catching skills - I must say with great success, have a look at the pictures below I tried to get some action shots!  


After that, we moved further along the beach to begin rock pooling. The Orca class worked together as a group to investigate and explore the rock pools. A big well done to Noah who went into explorer mode and found lots of creatures including a hermit crab. 


Next we had a lovely walk along to Low Newton where, when we were having lunch, William Sutherland came and very kindly played the cello for us. 


On our walk back along we spotted hundreds of Grey Lags. We continued our walk and found a place to settle to write beach poetry. 

Our session today started off with Puffins and Starfish joining together for some singing worship - it was lovely to start learning some songs in a safe way outdoors - surrounded by the glorious beach!  Next Puffins did some science - we talked about our senses and then were sent off to find 5 things that felt different and write about 5 different things that we could see... and then we used our sense of taste and described what our snack tasted like!  After snack we started our first weather writing, doing some lovely sentences about what the weather was like.  All the Year 1s really enjoyed using their new  beach school journals!  Next we did some maths - writing part-whole models in the sand, or doing some partitioning.  After maths we had some Thrive time, exploring how it feels to run, slide and roll down the dunes, before coming back to school.