18 May 18

These week's theme for Beach School was Vikings.  Nursery children listened to the story 'Dragon Stew' and explored capacity with a range of pots and pans, whilst Reception and KS1 did some more work on time and fractions and KS2 estimated measurements and made pie charts of things found on the beach.  After snack, Helen told the younger children some information about Vikings, before they were split up into groups, led by the Year 2s, to make representations of Viking villages.  Class 2 listened to information about Erik Bloodaxe, before writing his biography.
After lunch, Bridie and Helen set up a fire pit and Class 2 learnt how to make fires.  The class then made their own fire pits in groups and, using firesteels, had a go at lighting them.  It was quite tricky, but we managed to get sparks and light the tinder!  Once fires had been lit, it was time to make bread.  The class made up a dough, shaping it on to the sticks before cooking it over the fire.  A big shout out needs to go to Abbie, who made the best bread, and shared it with everyone else!  
Meanwhile, Class 1 listened to the story of Hiccup the Viking who was Seasick.  The class talked about what made Hiccup feel worried, and talked about whether they were worried about similar things.  Then it was time to make Viking longboats in the sand.  Once they had been created, the teams sailed across the sea and leapt out of their boats to attack the shores of England - shouting like marauding invaders!