18 June 2021


When we got to the end of the footpath across the golf club today, we turned right.  We have been learning left and right in school so it was very useful as we knew which way to go!

Our story this week has been ‘Pirate Gran’ so we while we were in the sand dunes we listened to Mrs Popay read it again.  In the story Gran has a pet crocodile so we wrote about what the crocodile did in the story.

After the story and our writing  we played some games with the small parachutes.  We ran underneath, swapped places with a friend, rolled a ball around, threw some balls in the air and played a hiding game.  We also practised our yoga again.

In the story ‘Pirate Gran’ Gran used to wear stripy stockings when she was a pirate.  We made stripy patterns, first with different coloured marram grass and then with shells on the beach.

The part of the beach that we went to today had an area of a sand dune that was perfect for us to run and roll down – it was such good fun! 

After lunch we did some bird watching because Pirate Gran says that’s what pirates do!  We looked through the binoculars to see if we could see any birds.  We also looked in a bird spotting book to see if we could find any of the birds.

When we went back on the beach we made Crocodile Dundee cakes and Chicken Surprise (with shells) because that is what Pirate Gran makes in the story.  We also made bouquets from seaweed (Gran’s bouquet was made from coral, but there isn’t any on Embleton beach) and  measured ten metres in the sand because that was how long Pirate Gran’s fishing net veil was).

Before we went back to school we walked out to the sea and Mrs Popay wrote some words in the sand and we had to read them before the waves washed them away.