Another full week gone - time is flying when we are having fun!
We finished off our story map for 'Funnybones' and are learning to recite it by only using the pictures - we are getting pretty good!  We also started to think of ways we can innovate the story; so far we came up with a new room for the skeleton to live in, a new skeleton pet, different adjectives instead of 'dark' and activities the skeletons can do at night. 
We can't wait to start writing them next week!
In Maths, we carried on looking at place value.  Some of us looked at using part whole models and place value charts; while others looked at one more and one less.  We had two promotions in Big Maths too - Well done to OSCAR and FLORENCE for the promotion in your Learn Its challenge!  Fingers crossed we will have some more next week.  We are certainly getting quicker with those learn its!
In RE we watched some videos and read some stories from the Bible which taught us that God values everyone and all people are important.
We carried on with our portraits this week - we remembered about getting our features in the correct place, and how important it is to look carefully at the shape of them.  They are going on display in the classroom - we were thrilled with our progress.
Computing was hard - there were lots of numbers and words to remember.  We all remembered how to log onto the computer - but now Miss Murray has shown us how to log on to the internet.  It was very complicated and we are going to practice again next week.
We also learned about the NHS and how it is an amazing resource that we are lucky enough to have, especially at the moment!  We made thank you cards to send down to the hospital!  I hope they like them!
Have a good weekend and I shall see you on Monday
Miss Murray