We have had a lovely week learning lots of new exciting things! We started our new history topic 'The Romans' and how The Roman Empire expanded. It is lovely to see all the children linking their previous history knowledge to create an overall timeline to see where The Romans fitted into history. We spent this week writing a descriptive recount of the 'mountain' erupting in Pompeii. We made some lovely jigsaw pieces in art, that are being displayed in the school. We also managed to start looking at our French learning for the term, starting with Classroom Instructions. The children all worked very hard on their pronunciation!

Thank you for all the homework being submitted, I know we had a few problems but hopefully this week it should all run smoothly.

Class DOJO SENSE of the Week goes to Mabel. Well done Mabel!
Wizards of the week have been Mabel and Leighton! Well done to you both, you did a fantastic job I cannot wait to see who will be the wizards next week. 
Freya will now be the class blogger for this half-term. I look forward to sharing her blogs with you.