We have had such a busy week this week – we don’t seem to have stopped.  Everyone has been working hard.  Well done Puffin’s!

In maths we have covered a bit of temperature and reading scales as well as a bit more work on telling the time.  We have been looking at o’clock and half past, and some of us even looked at quarter to and quarter past.  The year 2s even looked at telling the time in 5 minute increments.  Time is something which we practise all year round so I would be grateful if you could reinforce it at home too.

In English we began our unit on letter writing.  We are going to be writing letters to some people in our local area.  We also completed our unit on report writing by writing a report on a subject of our choice.  We had a variety of different topics including; unicorns, dinosaurs, sheep and football to name a few. 

Our music this half term is about learning a song called 'Our Imagination'.  Its a good one for us to change the lyrics to.  We are going to use our imaginations at the beach, quarry and woods to help us come up with a new version of the song, which we will record and upload for you when we have performed it. 

In RE this half term we are looking at the good news that Jesus brings.  We began by looking at Jesus and his disciples and how he chose Matthew.  We watched a video of Matthew the tax collector.   We thought about and discussed who we would choose as our ‘world saving team’ and what qualities they needed to have.  I was happy to feature in some of the children’s ‘teams’!! 

PE on Tuesday saw us continuing to practice some important athletic skills.  This week we practised a range of throwing techniques and had a ‘friendly’ competition to see who could throw the furthest.  Some budding javelin throwers in the making – watch out Olympics here we come!!

We tested or UK geography again this week.  We found out what countries make up the United Kingdom, their capital cities and identified their flag.  We located them on a map and looked at the seas and oceans that surround us.  Maybe you could quiz your child to see if they have remembered any of them! 

No promotions in Big Maths this week but some are very close to it in their CLIC challenges.  Maybe next week we will have some to announce!


Have a lovely weekend everyone, enjoy the sunshine.

Miss Murray