17 May 2019

We started off the day by spending some time on the parachute together having some reflection time, thinking about all the amazing things we have done this week.  We finished off the session by telling each other how proud we were of their efforts.
Our first learning activity was maths.  The Year 2s collected some items from the beach and worked on fractions of amounts with them.  The Year 1s played a mental addition and subtraction target game with bean bags.  After we had done our maths we did some PE.  We started off with some follow-my-leader games to warm up, and then played some games where we had to try and move to avoid each other.  The lesson ended with bean-bag dodge ball, followed by a welcome drink and snack - we were pink-faced and exhausted!
After snack we did our weather reports.  Here are a couple:
Today at the beach it's sunny and everyone is warm.  The waves are 40 cm (for a guess) and the tide is out.  I can see the grass gently swaying in the wind. The wind is going left to right. I can see little flies dancing around my head. 
The grass is swaying.  It feels like I am on holliday.  The sky is blue with cotton candy clouds.  I can hear the dogs barking.  There are contrails in the sky.  The flies are dancing in the sky.  There is no birds in the sky.  I saw a red butterfly.  I can see a dock leaf.  I feel happy because I feel happy.
At lunchtime we sat outside in the sunshine, and ate the delicious pizza and biscuits that Mandy and Erica brought down to us.
After lunch we worked with the Starfish.  We investigated some leaves by taping them to wood, putting muslin over and then banging them.  The green juice came out making patterns on the fabric.  We discussed the science words chlorophyll and photosynthesis.  Before we had some digging time, we sat and listened to the different sounds at the beach.  We identified 3 different sounds and wrote down what they sounded like.
On our way back up to school we stopped and looked at the calves in the field, discussing whether they were boys or girls, and looked at some different plants around us.  It is amazing how many flowers are out now. 


We began beach school today with some reflection time lying on the parachute, thinking about all our achievements this week.  We then continued with maths starting with a counting game and learning doubles with a partner.  After that we went into two groups.  Some children did some number recognition and careful counting by putting shell fins on fish and  the other group made pairs of numbers that make ten with stones and shells.

We continued our traditional tales theme today with the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  In PE we pretended to be the billy goats making small steps for the little billy goat and big steps for the big billy goat.  Then we played a chasing game with someone being the troll and chasing the rest of us who were goats.

We loved retelling the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff using the bridge.  We did a lot of ‘trip trapping!’  Some of us then made bridges for our goats and some of us wrote about the story.

After lunch we discussed the lush green meadow that the billy goats wanted to eat and named some different plants.  We joined with Puffin Class for an art activity which involved pounding muslin covered leaves with stones until the green from the leaf came out.  It was great fun and we had some amazing results.

On the way back to school we looked at the cows and calves in the field.  We learnt about why they have tags in their ears.