17 March 19

17th March 2019
Last week was very busy for the staff, with Mr Burke, our school improvement partner, visiting us on Monday.  His focus this term was on looking at the teaching and learning, so he spent the morning in all the classrooms, then the afternoon looking at everyone's books.  Of course there are always things for us to continue to work on, but he was pleased with what he saw, and the progress that all the children are making.
Then on Tuesday morning our early years consultant spent the morning with Starfish.  Again, she was very happy with what she saw, and really pleased with the excellent progress the children are making.
On Tuesday afternoon we set our budget for next year.  You will be aware from the media that school budgets are incredibly tight, and some difficult decisions have to be made - it is no different for our school.  We have had to make some decisions that we didn't want to, such as stopping the parent and toddler group from next term due to staffing costs, however the Chair of Governors and I were not willing to compromise on the education that our children receive - they, and their education was at the heart of every decision we made.  In setting the budget we fully acknowledged your support, in the form of PFA funds to help buy resources and fund trips - we will have to rely on this income stream more and more, unfortunately.
Many of you will be aware that both Miss Murray and Mandy were off for part of the week due to sickness, which meant that there was no let up.  I would like to thank all the staff for stepping up and just getting on with making sure all the jobs were done when they needed to be.  You may also be aware that Erica is off sick at the moment.  She has had a really nasty chest infection.  She is now, thankfully, on the mend but will not be back in school before Easter.  I am sure you join me in wishing her a speedy recovery.
This week is a little quieter (famous last words!)  We have a parent lunch on Tuesday.  We are still not back swimming at Willowburn, and will be in school on Thursday afternoon.  Friday is parent worship.  
On Sunday 10-12 am is the Spring Fair.  The PFA is on the look out for tombola prizes and cake donations, there will be a village trail quiz to win a prize, as well as a variety of other stalls, and cups of tea and coffee.  Please come along, and bring your friends!