17 January 2020



So this week the sun never seemed to come out, compared to last week’s frosty start. This week the children were challenged to order fractions in ascending and descending order the children have found the common denominator challenging especially when using four and even five fractions their times table knowledge has definitely been challenged. The Bright Sparks moved on to multiplying and dividing by 4 and 6 times table.  

Our beach circuits continued this week- this week the children used stop watches and were in charge of counting, timing and taking part in the activities. I feel we have some future coaches in this class! The children then compared the score they achieved this week to the one they got last week to see if there is an increase or a decrease.

We moved on from Tutankhamen’s life to the discovery of his tomb and how Howard Carter became to be the person who excavated the tomb.  

After Worship by the Waves today we got straight on with maths.  All week we have been working on 2D and 3D shapes, so today we had some challenge cards and had to make specific 3D shapes.  There was lots of good discussion and some careful thinking about how to make each shape.  Next we did our first orienteering session.  We split into 2 groups and used a map to find each checkpoint.  We had to clip our cards to make sure that we had visited each one.  We really enjoyed it.  Well done to the team captains for making sure that the teams stayed together.
After some lovely warm juice at snack time we did our weather reporting - a mild day with no wind - before working in our journals.  At the moment we are writing the text to accompany e-books that we are making about beach school.
We had 15 minutes before lunch to run off some excess energy going up and down the dunes!
As the weather was getting colder after lunch, we decided to come back up to school to do some work on thunderstorms and what to do if we get caught in them.... hopefully we will not get caught out down at the beach, but at least we know what to do if we do!


We began beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  We thought about forgiveness and heard the story of when Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive someone and Jesus replied ‘Seventy times seven’.  We decided that it was a very big number!

Our book of the beach today was ‘The Sand Dragon’.  It was about a boy called Edward who drew a dragon on the beach and it told of the adventures the dragon had when Edward went home.  We designed our own sand dragon, gave it a name and then wrote about what it got up to.  We then drew our dragons in the sand.

In PE we practised our throwing, catching and aiming skills with a bean bag and cone.  We then had great fun pretending to be dragons flying.  We used scarves for wings and flapped our arms.

In maths we looked at the picture of Edward’s sand dragon and counted the triangles he had used.  We worked out how many one more, one less, two more and two less would be. After that we studied some pictures of dragons made from 2d shapes and then drew our own.

After lunch at the golf club we headed back to school.